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Spring Pantone Color Trend Report

color trend report

The year’s top colors have been announced by the Pantone Color Institute, and they represent 10 diverse shades that reflect nature in all its glory. From subtle to vivid, there is a choice for every bride planning a 2017 wedding – and the floral designers at Walter Knoll Florist are ready to help you to match the perfect flowers to every shade.

The list of the top ten colors trends is as follows:
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Wedding Proposal Ideas to Inspire You

wedding proposal

You’ve decided to propose, and now comes the excitement – and a little anxiety – that comes with planning how to ask the big question. Whether you choose a big event with family and friends or a private moment between the two of you, there are many places in St. Louis that will provide an amazing backdrop. The wedding planners at Walter Knoll Florist have helped hundreds of area couples with the beautiful florals they need from the engagement to the wedding day, and we’d like to help with just a bit of inspiration.
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Accents, Details, and Wedding Extras

wedding extras

Planning for a wedding involves many decisions. Some are big, some are small – but all are significant in how they affect the overall  ambiance and design of your special day. Although bridal bouquets and centerpieces often get most of the attention. there are hundreds of other ways that you can incorporate your color palette and style into the ceremony and reception. From the main floral pieces to the wedding extras, Walter Knoll Florist has the expertise and inspiration you are looking for.
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Trending – Metallic Wedding Accents

metallic accents

When choosing wedding palettes and themes, brides and grooms have many choices. From rustic to elegant, the smallest details can make all the difference in surrounding your guests with the ambiance you have been envisioning. Metallic wedding accents have been trending for many years and show no sign of disappearing, as these unique details can complement any style. Although some people choose to utilize metallics to be the primary theme of the day, others simply choose subtle choices to bring the charm and sophistication. At Walter Knoll Florist, our floral designers specialize in creating the bridal bouquets, centerpieces, and venue decor that will perfectly express your dream day.
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Orchid Bouquets and Wedding Details

orchid bouquets

Orchids represent love, luxury and beauty, which make them the perfect floral ambassador for your wedding day. Sought after for their rare looks and sophistication, the flower is often utilized in orchid bouquets and other elements of the wedding ceremony and reception. Orchids add grace and elegance to every aspect of the celebration; they can create a delicate hairpin, a lavish cascading bridal bouquet, or an exotic cake decoration. If you are planning a wedding in Saint Louis or Valley Park, the floral designers at Walter Knoll Florist would love to educate you as to the many varieties and array of colors of the amazing orchid.

orchid bouquets

Cymbidium orchids offer many unique aesthetics – they most often occur in a primarily solid blossom with a contrasting color pattern in the center of the flower. Green cymbidiums are a popular trending flower for orchid bouquets because of their exquisite green color and absolute versatility in blending with many other flowers.  Striking on their own merit, they are also beautifully paired with whites and creams, pinks and purples; as well as with succulents. Roses, lilies and hydrangea are all beautiful pairings with the orchid.


Aside from orchid bouquets, the flower is so artistic in presentation that it makes for lovely corsages, boutonnieres, place setting details and cake decor even as a single blossom. Phalaenopsis orchids, with their large, “winglike” petals are lavish and romantic; while the dendrobium variety exhibits more delicate flowers often used in large groupings for centerpieces and venue decor.

Every bride can incorporate this most luxurious of blooms into her wedding flowers. With so many varieties and colors, they fit easily into any color scheme and thematic style. Should budget be an issue, our expert wedding designer can suggest ways to use the orchid as a featured – yet not exclusive – flower. For instance, the bride may wish to utilize orchids for her personal flowers, but design her bridesmaid bouquets with a complimentary bloom.

Whatever the dream for your wedding, Walter Knoll Florist will work with you to ensure that you love your wedding flowers.

Holiday Wedding Planning


holiday weddingIs there anything more magical than a Christmas wedding? At Walter Knoll Florist, we love to help plan sparkling, shimmering holiday events that will surpass the expectations of our brides and grooms – but we need to start early!  It may be hot and humid outside, but now is the perfect time to speak to your wedding florist about your dream day.  It will be here before you know it. holiday wedding
What will that day look like visually? The most popular color palette during the holidays is either red, white or a combination of the two. These colors are often  accented with metallic elements or black details. Seasonal splashes of red can be added to a winter white bouquet by adding holly berries; while an icy effect can be added with crystal strands and beads. Black and white weddings are incredibly sophisticated and elegant, and very popular for New Year’s nuptials. Simply adding a red napkin or single red rose will create a dramatic and elegant effect. If you need more ideas, or are looking to go with a non-traditional color palette, our floral designers have a wealth of knowledge to inspire you! holiday wedding
There are a few challenges to pulling off a December or January wedding. During the holidays, brides compete with corporate and social events of all kinds; for venues, for entertainment, for caterers – and for flowers! Therefore having all the major resources booked six months in advance is the smart way to ensure that you will have access to everything you need, just the way you want it. A winter bride is also likely to have some pretty specific ideas about her bouquets, centerpieces and venue decor; however, her favorite flower may not be in season. A face to face consultation with a wedding designer will allow her to see alternative flowers that will provide the same aesthetic effect, as well as experiment with blooms that will be more accessible in that season. Walter Knoll Florist’s floral coordinators also have years of experience in staging weddings at Saint Louis venues, meaning we can assist in advising you as to the best florals for the space.
holiday wedding
It may be July, but we are planning for the holidays! If you are too, give us a call. We’d love to help you create the winter wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

Floral Wedding Planning: One on One

floral wedding planningWe live in an age of online everything – no matter what we need and what we are looking for, it seems “there is an app for that.”. And while mobile applications and online planners have made our lives easier in so many ways, there are some situations that the import of the occasion still deserves a face-to-face relationship and a meaningful discussion. At Walter Knoll Florists, we believe your wedding is one of those times.

Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life, and your wedding flowers are one of the most visible and admired elements of the day. Truth be told, your flowers go a long way to setting the ambiance and atmosphere of your entire event; from the petals in flower girls basket to the altar flowers; from your bouquets to the centerpieces at your reception. You’ve been dreaming of this day for a long time, and your floral arrangements play a critical role in setting the mood.

The wedding planners and designers at Walter Knoll Florist know one thing for sure – nothing can take the place of talking to a professional face-to-face. Armed with photos from Pinterest and bridal websites, brides know the look they are going for- however it is difficult to price shop a florist by sending a list of your desires. The reason is simple. The flowers that you are set on may not be in season in Saint Louis on the day of the wedding, making them too costly to obtain. We also understand how important it is to maintain your budget while still achieving your vision of the perfect day. This is where the expert floral designers at Walter Knoll come in – our expert knowledge base allows us to make suggestions based on your desires; perhaps your flowers won’t do well in the heat, or maybe the designer knows of a more cost effective bloom that is just as lovely. The value of discussing flower needs with a floral professional will allow you to see and compare real flowers, not just photographs. You can try different floral combinations, and the designer can show you artistic and creative ways that are beautifully one of a kind! You may even walk out with a sample bouquet to show to your friends and family – all a part of our personalized service.

So when it is time to order wedding flowers, don’t just price-shop. This day is too important for that. Trust the designers at Walter Knoll Florist to create the perfect florals at the perfect price – don’t worry, we’ll do it together.

Walter Knoll Florists Mother’s Roles in a Wedding

mother of the brideTimes change trends change and culture changes. But what never seems to change is the bond between a mother and daughter. As a bride-to-be heads for her wedding day, there are hundreds of details that need to be addressed – usually too many for even the best multitasking organizer among us. For many couples, the natural person to help ease the stress is Mom. After all, she has been by your side through your entire life.

Mothers need to breathe deeply and accept that although they will want to jump in and do everything, it will be up to the bride to decide the level of involvement. There are many traditional roles that the mother-of-the-bride would customarily fill, but an honest talk with the bride will help to set expectations and set you all up for success.

What are the activities that Mom can take on to help out her daughter?

Discuss the budget with the couple before anything else. This will set the limits on venues, guests and extras. If planning to pay for all or part of the wedding, that number should be clear and definite.

Go dress shopping with the bride; provide support and feedback, but refrain from being too combative if you don’t agree on the “perfect dress.” Remember it is her special day.

Research family traditions and heirlooms on both sides; this will help the bride especially if she wants to employ “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”

Help to compile the guest list by whittling down to necessary numbers, and coordinate with the groom’s family to do the same. Mom can also send out the invitations and manage the responses.

Keep open communication with vendors such as caterers, photographers, and Walter Knoll Florist to finalize details and relay messages to the couple.

When planning a St. Louis area wedding, hundreds of couples have trusted Walter Knoll Florists to provide the bouquets, centerpieces and altar flowers you’ll need to make your day amazing. Give us a call today to get the planning started – and don’t forget to bring Mom!

Walter Knoll- Strange Wedding Traditions

wedding traditionsWeddings are known to be one of the most memorable occasions of someone’s life. From the method of proposal, to the first kiss to the cutting of the cake – traditions and rituals permeate these ceremonies; and many of our standard traditions actually have quite interesting origins.

Wedding showers were first celebrated as not much of a celebration at all. When the bride was marrying outside of her parent’s approval, the father would often refuse to pay the customary dowry. (A dowry being money or property transferred from the father of the bride to the couple on their wedding day.) This dowry was meant to give them a good start to their life together. So when the marriage was not given her parents blessing – and the dowry withheld – the bride’s friends would “shower” her with money and gifts, to replace the dowry.

While white is thought to be the color of maidenhood, and thus appropriate to wear on one’s wedding day, the tradition of wearing white actually began under different circumstances. Until the 16th century, brides wore their very best dress to be married in, regardless of color. Members of royal families wore silver; that is until Queen Victoria decided to go against royal tradition and wear white. The color caught on, and eventually became the most popular color to wear on a wedding day. Incidentally, a few traditions do remain from early history – it is still considered gauche to wear the same color as the bride – whether white or another color – as she is meant to stand out.

Of course, although we value traditions, we also love to make our ceremonies our own! Whether you are looking to have a classic white wedding in a church, or a country wedding in a barn – the possibilities are endless. Walter Knoll Florists has helped couples create stunning floral ambiance in hundreds of St. Louis weddings – and we have the ideas, inspiration and creativity to help you plan yours. From bridal bouquets to floral arrangements at the venue, from traditional to modern – we are your source for a wedding that will be remembered forever as a piece of your history together. ,

Walter Knoll Florist Summer Wedding Flowers

summer weddingMany couples dream of a summertime wedding. The beautiful weather allows for outdoor events, the scenery is magnificent; and more friends and family are likely to travel in those months. Here at Walter Knoll Florist, we are excited to help you finalize your summer wedding plans and details so that your big day fulfills every expectation.



Showcased in weddings nationwide, the natural look arrangement is all the rage; wild flowers and bright blooms in a “fresh picked”, unkempt display. This beautiful trend gives a whimsical and creative take on the traditional look of pulled together, pristine bouquets. These bouquets also allow the incorporation of diverse species of complementary flowers, resulting in an eclectic yet classy arrangement. The flowers in this bouquet – roses and calla lilies – are also two of the flowers most resilient to hot weather. Keep them in water up until your ceremony, and you will likely not see any wilting during the wedding.

summer wedding

Expert Trick: Keep mason jars -or any other thematic container – full of water and handy to the wedding party. In any downtime between obligations, the flowers can be placed in water, allowing them to re-hydrate and stay fresh.

summer wedding

Keeping everyone cool is a major concern for couples planning an al fresco event . Give guests personalized paper fans, make ice cold drinks available throughout your location, and even consider having mist machines around the extreme perimeter of the celebration; not enough to get anyone too damp, but capable of delivering a cool breeze.



Choosing a florist that can make your vision come to life is as easy as a visit to Walter Knoll Florists. With years of experience and hundreds of Saint Louis wedding in our portfolio, we are the only source you will need for all of you wedding florals, from bouquets to centerpieces to alter flowers. Come visit us today – summer is right around the corner.