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Elegant Wedding Flowers You Can Afford

Planning a wedding on a budget is no joke, but it definitely doesn’t have to be difficult, either. Sticking to your guns when it comes to prices can often mean getting to exercise your creative muscles. When it comes to your floral choices, the wedding professionals at Walter Knoll Weddings have plenty of great ideas […]

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Include Personal Touches in Your Wedding

Including personal touches in your wedding day sounds like a no-brainer, but once you start planning and making decisions, you’ll find that the standard-issue wedding ideas can be easier and often more accessible. Finding the balance between traditional wedding items and personalized accents can be a challenge. Here, the wedding professionals at Walter Knoll Weddings […]

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Small Weddings with Big Impact

Usually when people imagine the wedding of their dreams, the images they have include a lot of extravagances. A huge dress, everyone you’ve ever known, a giant four-tier cake, and flowers everywhere tend to be part of the equation. Once you start to actually plan your wedding, however, you may find that keeping things on […]

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How to Design a Beautiful Virtual Wedding

Sometimes the wedding we’ve thought about for years isn’t really possible. We start planning and realize we need to make some adjustments, include or exclude certain aspects of the ceremony and reception to suit the reality of our circumstances. If you and your partner find yourself in this situation, the wedding professionals at Walter Knoll […]

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Unique Floral Wedding Aisle Markers

Creating the perfect space in which to make your most important promises takes some thought and consideration. On the day you walk down the aisle to say “I Do,” what will be surrounding you? What will set the stage for your entrance? How will you and your partner express your personalities and spirit before you […]

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Alternatives to 5 Wedding Traditions

As you plan your wedding, you’ll start to think about which wedding traditions you want to keep in place and which ones you’d like to omit or update. Many wedding traditions have evolved over the centuries since they began, and it’s interesting to know how and why they began in the first place. The wedding […]

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