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Who You Should Consider Giving Flowers to in Your Wedding

Flowers are an essential part of weddings and carry a lot of significance as well as adding beauty. Beyond the centerpieces, bridal bouquet, and boutonniere for the groom, when thinking about all of the wedding flowers you’ll need for your big day, you may find yourself wondering who should receive personal flowers. The decision is […]

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Should You Have Matching Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Yes or No?

The classic tradition of having bridesmaids wear the same dress is being tossed aside by modern brides in favor of dresses that are mismatched in color, style, and patterns. The result is a unique ensemble of gorgeous dresses that highlight each individual woman’s shape, style, and personality. Pulling off a mismatched ensemble that still presents […]

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A Simple Guide for Selecting Your Bridal Bouquet Flowers

You’ve picked out your dress, you’ve reserved the venue and chosen the music, now, you need to figure out your bridal bouquet. Of course, a florist can assist you in the size, shape, and design of the bouquet, but you should have a say in which flowers you want included in your bridal bouquet. After […]

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Six Ideas for Including Your Fur Baby in Your Wedding

As weddings are a celebration of love, there is one noteworthy guest that you cannot overlook to attend your big day. Having your best four-legged friend walk down the aisle or inspire a signature cocktail at your reception are just two ways to include your pet in your wedding. Your friends here at Walter Knoll […]

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The Tradition of Wedding Bouquets

Planning a wedding can be as exciting as getting engaged, from anticipating the day itself to picturing married life together. But some aspects of wedding planning can be confusing or downright daunting. Some wedding traditions, like carrying a bridal bouquet, can seem antiquated and therefore nonsensical. However, the experts at Walter Knoll Weddings are here […]

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How to Include Ranunculus in Your Wedding

Choosing your wedding flowers doesn’t need to be a difficult decision. You’ll want to find something that symbolizes your personality, that matches the colors of your wedding, and suits the season. Here at Walter Knoll Weddings, we’re especially fond of ranunculus as a wedding flower of choice. These gems of the wedding flower world are […]

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