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Walter Knoll Florist has been offering custom floral services since 1883, and we’re proud to be the premier wedding florist in the St. Louis area. We understand weddings are very personal and unique, and the decorations should reflect your unique tastes. Our experienced wedding consultants help guide you in choosing the perfect flowers and decorations for your special day.

We care deeply about our customers and want them to have the most amazing event possible, whether it’s for your wedding day, a holiday event, or a corporate occasion. We’re in the business of building relationships with our customers, and we answer our phones 24 hours a day, so whenever you need to contact us, we are always available. We only use the highest quality floral products and offer them and our services at a great price. We also bring flowers in from more than 100 vendors every day and have resources around the world to accommodate almost any unique request. Contact us for your next big event, and we’ll help you make it truly memorable.

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Beautiful Fall & Winter Blooms for Your Wedding

Beautiful Fall & Winter Blooms for Your Wedding

During the fall and winter, many beautiful, bold, and vibrant flowers are still in bloom. So, if you are planning a special event or a wedding, rest assured you will have no trouble rounding up plenty of gorgeous flowers for your end-of-the-year celebrations.

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