Ways to Create a Beach-Style New England Wedding No Matter Where You Are

Tying the knot in the picturesque setting of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, or another quaint northern beach locale is a dream, for sure. Yet, regardless of location, you can achieve this aesthetic by embracing elements that channel a beachy, preppy, and coastal grandmother vibe. The magic is in the details — choosing the appropriate decor, florals, and accents that capture the charm of the northern coastline. At WKF Weddings, the premier florist in St. Louis, Missouri, we have the key essentials to elevate your wedding, giving it a New England energy that promises an unforgettable experience.

Chose a Venue With a Waterfront Setting

To truly embody a Martha’s Vineyard-style wedding on the beach, the location should be on the waterfront; you want an energy that radiates serene sophistication. Find local venues with water views, whether a tranquil lake, flowing river, or an elegant pool, to recreate the feel of the vast Atlantic. Opt for settings like a deck with sweeping views of the waves, a waterfront gazebo, or a sandy spot to infuse your event with coastal elegance. Allow the location’s natural beauty to take center stage, accentuating it with subtle touches that complement the scenery without overpowering it.

Bride and groom embracing near water

Trade in Traditional Tropical Blooms for Blue and White Floral Arrangements

Though tropical blooms are seriously eye-catching, the refined New England coastal theme calls for more classic and refined energy. Use blue and white flowers to mirror marine colors, achieving a lush yet sophisticated look that vibes with the northern coastal landscape. Hydrangeas, with their voluminous, rounded blossoms, epitomize New England charm and are perfect for both bouquets and centerpiece designs. Complement them with delphiniums, white roses, and calla lilies to create floral arrangements that channel true coastal elegance.

Bride and bridesmaids holding blue and white bouquets

Coordinate Bouquets and Boutonnières with Coastal Wedding Attire

For coastal weddings, attire is key — it’s about blending preppy and polished with a twist that’s slightly casual. Brides can embrace the seaside spirit in a crisp, white dress — a billowing gown or a chic slip dress. Grooms will look sharp in light-toned suits or navy blazers with coordinating pants. The floral arrangements should complement these fashion choices, incorporating hues of blue and white, or even a trendy peach shade for beachy and oceanic energy in your floral designs.

White boutonniere pinned to blue suit jacket

Revamp Classics Flowers By Pairing Them With Unique Blooms

While relying on the traditional color palette of Martha’s Vineyard, don’t hesitate to enhance your floral arrangements with unique blooms. Pair classic flowers like roses and hydrangeas with the unexpected charm of white anemones, or add greenery and succulents for a wilder, more organic feel. These unique elements bring depth and intrigue to your floral decorations, allowing your wedding to shine with a unique energy that’s both refreshing and timelessly elegant.

Wedding arch adorned with white, blue, and peach blooms

Gift Guests Nautical-Theme Wedding Favors

Wrap up your wedding festivities by offering guests a charming takeaway with nautical-themed favors, sending them off with a touch of the Atlantic coast’s charm. Choose subtle maritime details to encapsulate the essence of northern beach towns. Consider giving items like custom cookies shaped like nautical symbols, handcrafted soaps with oceanic fragrances, artisanal snacks, or bottle openers with coastal grandmother style. These favors are a heartfelt way to thank your guests and keep the memory of your picturesque seaside setting alive.

Nautical themed wedding favors

Designing a classic and preppy beach wedding involves incorporating elements of the New England coast into every aspect of your event, from the venue selection to the floral displays, attire, and party favors. With guidance from WKF Weddings, you can successfully bring the refined and peaceful vibe of the North Atlantic to your special day, no matter where it takes place.

Coastal charm