No Flower Left Unturned: Your Wedding Floral Cheat Sheet  

Diving into planning your big day can sometimes feel like endlessly doom scrolling through inspo photos. If you’re feeling a bit swamped, it’s all good — it happens to the best of us. Knowing what vibe you’re after is essential before you go down the rabbit hole of ideas and start building that dreamy wedding vision board. But don’t stress — we’re here to help!

Flowers bring life, elegance, and vibrance to your wedding, creating a posh atmosphere and honoring the most important people in your life. Whether it’s the MVP flowers you carry as you make your way down the aisle, the eye-catching centerpieces that adorn your reception, or the blooms carried by close friends and family, every flower has a role in weaving your unique love story. Want to find out how to include your favorite flowers in your wedding in the most amazing ways? At WKF Weddings, we’re revealing our top tips with a flower cheat sheet to help you level up your celebration with your most adored blossoms.

Flowers Bring the Vibes

Nothing sets the stage for your special day quite like fresh flowers. Whether it’s the glamour of a 1920s Speakeasy, the charm of the French Countryside, or the laid-back vibe of boho style that inspires you, flowers are the ultimate accessory to bring your vision to life. They enhance the ambiance, inject personality into every corner, and flawlessly project your distinctive style.

Three floral bouquets on wedding table

Who Gets Flowers?

The quick scoop? Just about everyone! That means your parents, your wedding party, and all the loved ones who’ve made your wedding day amazing. And let’s not forget your four-legged friend – they too can have their own special flower.


A bride’s walk down the aisle wouldn’t be complete without her bouquet in hand! To further zhuzh up your look, incorporate floral elements into your hair or embrace a boho vibe with a floral crown. And, if a bouquet toss is part of your reception plans, ask for a second bouquet meant for tossing. That way, your original bridal bouquet can be preserved, allowing you to hold onto its beauty for years to come.


A sophisticated boutonniere is a key accessory for any groom, showing that floral trends are for men, too! Opt for wearable flowers that reflect your unique taste, with choices like floral pocket squares and striking full-lapel designs.

Wedding Party

Your wedding party will likely wear or carry smaller counterparts of your floral arrangement, or they may sport trendy, fresh floral designs. With blossoms that coordinate with or complement your own, the look of them by your side will be nothing short of spectacular.

Flower Girls (of Course!)

Every flower girl fantasizes about carrying baskets filled with petals, scattering them delicately as they lead the procession, setting the tone for the bride’s entrance. Accessorizing them with fresh floral hairpieces, whimsical flower crowns, or dainty bouquets will spotlight your little charmer in her very own fairy tale.

Ring Bearers 

Don’t forget to include the ring bearers! Even the smallest members of your wedding party can sport boutonnieres that announce, “I’m part of this wedding squad.”

Mothers & Grandmothers 

Make sure your wedding day shines a spotlight on your mothers and grandmothers, giving them the recognition they’ve totally earned. Adorning them with corsages or mini bouquets that vibe with the day’s theme is a meaningful way to include and honor these amazing ladies — our family matriarchs are, after all, the backbone of the family!

Fathers & Grandfathers

Tailor custom boutonnieres for the wonderful men in your life – specifically, your fathers and grandfathers. Offering these as tokens of honor is a contemporary and sophisticated gesture of acknowledging the patriarchs with love and gratitude.

Special Recognitions

Your list of special floral dedications could also include other important people who’ve been pivotal in your journey to your wedding day, such as godparents, a beloved officiant (who’s often a good friend or family member), and your pet should they be making a cameo. To honor family members or friends who have passed but remain with you in spirit, design a distinctive floral arrangement to place in a seat reserved for them, symbolizing their presence.

Groom holding bouquet while bride pins boutonniere to jacket

Where to Incorporate Flowers in Your Ceremony?

From the grand walk down the aisle to those sweet vow exchanges, flowers are the accents, the backdrop, and the show-stopping statement pieces, creating an ambiance that’s pure enchantment. Below are some flowers you want to ensure play a part in your ceremony’s floral ensemble.

Welcome Flowers

Welcome your guests with a floral setup that previews the elegance and beauty set to unfold. From small floral highlights on a sign bearing your names to grand arrangements at the entrance, these flowers create a warm and inviting first impression.

Aisle Markers

Line the route to the altar with floral arrangements that vibe with your wedding’s theme, creating a trail of color and romance. Whether they surround candles or lanterns, drape elegantly over seating, or are arranged in vases along your path, these blooms inject luxury into the ceremony.

Wedding Arch

The most photographed floral feature at your venue will be your chuppah, wedding arch, arbor, or pergola. It serves as the backdrop for your vow exchange, so it will be the center of attention (besides you two, of course). Design a breathtaking and unique masterpiece with your florist that will be remembered forever!

Unity Florals

Unity floral arrangements are a creative way to symbolize the merging of your lives and the onset of your journey as a married couple. From a floral display on the ceremony table to presenting bouquets to your new parents-in-law or creating a single arrangement from many stems, these blooms beautifully signify your union.

Outdoor wedding on lawn with floral arch and seating

Where to Display Flowers at Your Reception?

Your reception should be filled with fresh flowers at every turn, on every table, and during every highlight, from eye-catching centerpieces to the perfect spots for Insta-worthy guest photos. We certainly have our list of must-decorate locations to recommend.


Like the welcome florals that greeted your guests at the ceremony, entrance arrangements at your reception serve a similar purpose. Whether you reuse the day’s earlier floral decor or create custom designs for the entryway, these entrance blooms set your reception’s tone right from the get-go.

Head Table or Sweetheart Table

Highlight this table with the beauty of flowers. Grand centerpieces and posh floral runners are perfect for making these spaces pop at your reception. Arrange for vases with water to tastefully present the brides’ and bridesmaids’ bouquets for extra elegance. Finally, if a sweetheart table is in your plans, consider reusing your ceremony arch or floral wall as the ideal backdrop for the newlyweds.

Guest Tables

Centerpieces are a fantastic way to display your individuality and level up your wedding theme. Whether you choose tall and luxe, low and lush, or a fusion of styles, these blooms will surely be a conversation starter among your guests at dinner.

Specialty Tables: Guest Book Tables, Memory Tables, Gift/Card Tables

Decorate tables designated for your guest book, photos of you with your SO or family, and the area for cards and gifts with small floral displays. The idea is to highlight these spaces while making sure they complement the wedding’s theme. Doing so spreads the wedding’s ambiance throughout the venue, extending beyond the dining areas.


In addition to beautifying your cake table with fresh flowers and tempting sweets, customize your cake with floral elements that vibe with your individual style. Chat with the florist and baker to ensure your wedding cake is perfectly adorned with flowers and greenery, whether they cascade down the layers, embellish each level, or create a chic and minimalist aesthetic.

Bars & Buffet Tables

Speaking of all things tasty, should space allow, incorporating flowers into your buffet table and bar setups adds finesse and sophistication. Small floral arrangements at these essential spots invite your guests to delight in their favorite snacks and beverages while mingling.

Lounges & Rest Areas

It’s essential to have lounges and rest areas vibe with your wedding decor, creating spaces where guests can relax and enjoy a moment of comfort. Decorate these areas with flowers to create a pleasant environment, encouraging folks to enjoy downtime. Enhancing restrooms with tranquil flowers is also a thoughtful touch, offering a serene space for guests to freshen up.

Grand Exit

The grand finale of your wedding is your exit! Prepare for your great escape by handing out flowers or petals for guests to toss, or

The final act of your wedding day is your grand exit! Prepare for the grand finale by providing guests with petals or flowers to toss in celebration. Or, craft a gorgeous floral arch to make your exit through, potentially into your getaway car blinged out with flowers!

Outdoor wedding reception seating with flowers

Other Considerations

The beauty of flowers isn’t confined to the wedding day alone; it can be threaded through all festivities from the beginning to the end. From the moment you propose to the last post-wedding gathering, integrating blooms brings an enchanting feel to each chapter of your romantic tale.


Set a memorable scene for your proposal by incorporating a floral display that captures the spirit of your relationship, making the moment perfect. Options abound, from creating a rose petal walkway to a lush bouquet for her to adorning him with a dapper corsage — there are so many ways for your romance to blossom!

Engagement Parties

Honor your engagement with centerpieces that capture the essence of your bond with your partner. Amp up the energy of the celebration with these lovely decorations, creating an atmosphere brimming with cheer as soon as they step into the party space.

Wedding Showers

Transform the wedding shower into a celebration brimming with life and affection! Decorate using lush floral displays that drape across tables and enhance the setting, surrounding the bride-to-be with love and joyful anticipation. Add personalized floral arrangements for the bride, moms, and bridesmaids for the cherry on top.

Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

Any celebration, anywhere, can be brightened with the presence of flowers! Consider them draped from your Airbnb’s ceiling, as the focal point on dining tables, or even floating gracefully in a pool — the possibilities are endless. To add joy and playfulness to your bachelor or bachelorette shindig, embrace fun, wearable florals such as flower tiaras and boutonnieres.


Marking the start of your wedding weekend, the rehearsal dinner is an ideal setting for fresh floral decorations. Place stylish arrangements on the tables to create a preview of the beauty that awaits on your wedding day.

Post-Wedding Brunches

Continue the celebration with bright and spirited blooms at your post-wedding brunch. As you and your guests soak in the remaining moments of celebration, let the flowers add to the beauty and bliss of every second.


Make your honeymoon haven magical with the romance of floral touches, like a bed adorned with petals or a bouquet that says welcome. These simple yet sweet acts of love make every second feel like an enchanted daydream.

Vow Renewals

Embrace the timeless beauty of floral arrangements as you reaffirm your commitment, creating a setting that reflects the deep and enduring nature of your relationship. It’s a beautiful homage to your life together, rendering the day as sweet as your love.

Flower arrangements and place settings on indoor wedding table

Elevate your wedding with blossoms that breathe life into every second, transforming your snaps into colorful narratives of joy and romance. A day enveloped in love, laughter, and the vivid colors of fresh florals will be a day to remember, so reach out to us at WKF Weddings to ensure your wedding blooms beautifully.

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