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Introducing Wedding Cake Meadows

Emerging Trend We Love: Wedding Cake Meadows

There’s no shortage of super exciting floral trends emerging in world of weddings today, from sleek pocket boutonnieres to elaborate ceremony displays. But the trend that’s 100 percent stealing our hearts right now is the dreamy and whimsical wedding cake meadow. While dressing up wedding cakes with fresh blossoms isn’t a new concept by any […]

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Minimalist Magic

Ways to Create Minimalist Wedding Flower Designs While Embracing Abundance

Minimalism doesn’t mean less beauty! If minimalist design’s simplicity and clean lines appeal to you but you also adore lush and lavish floral arrangements, you’re in great company. This look isn’t about imposing limits or cutting back; it’s about focusing on what’s truly important and enhancing it. By thoughtfully selecting each flower, you’ll be able […]

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Business in Bloom

Elevate Weekend-Long Conferences and Corporate Retreats with Floral Decor

Creating the right atmosphere for corporate events is crucial, whether for a relaxing retreat or a dynamic working conference. Every detail counts in crafting that perfect vibe. And what’s a surefire way to enhance the ambiance and make a lasting impact? Decorating the venue with fresh flowers! At WKF Weddings, we specialize in transforming corporate […]

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A Gatsby Glam Wedding

Tips for Designing Your Speakeasy-Themed Wedding

Step back in time to the 1920s, an era when dapper gents and ladies clad in flapper dresses danced in speakeasies that thrived in the shadows. These clandestine venues were cloaked in an aura of sultriness and sophistication, with dimly-lit interiors, vibrant hues, and an unmistakable Gatsby energy — and we’re 100 percent here for […]

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A pop of peach fuzz

Tips For Incorporating Pantone’s Color of the Year “Peach Fuzz” Into Wedding Floral and Decor

Each year, Pantone assembles a diverse group of experts to explore how color influences our world. They delve into everything from movies and fashion to political and social events, seeking to understand the emotional impact of various hues. The Pantone Color of the Year matters to a large number of people, and is in touch […]

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