Touching Ways to Honor Your Mom at Your Wedding

There’s hardly anyone as dear to us as our moms. They’ve healed every hurt, shared in our joys, and backed our biggest dreams as we evolved from clumsy kids into adept – and, fingers crossed, graceful – grown-ups. Naturally, you want to make her feel like royalty at your wedding, the day she’ll see you step into your forever love story with your soulmate! At WKF Weddings in St. Louis, Missouri, we’re here for this wholesome mission – with tips to make it legendary for both the mothers of the bride and the groom.

Have Her Help You Get Ready For Your Big Day

There’s a whole lot that goes into the bride and groom looking their best for their big day, from getting hair and makeup just right to choosing the right bling — and obviously, styling the dress and tux! Having your mom as your go-to person in this moment is a clear sign you know she’s the best, and we mean only,  person for the job. These times, full of butterflies and excitement, underline just how vital her presence is. It’s more than just practical; it’s acknowledging that deep, meaningful connection you share.

Mom helping bride get ready for wedding

Use Her Favorite Flowers in Your Bouquet

Growing up, was your mom the queen of the garden, making sure the yard was bursting with colorful tulips in spring and filled with roses in summer? Did she love keeping the house fresh and lovely with vases of peonies on the table? Give a shout-out to those idyllic memories by choosing her favorite blooms for your wedding boutonniere or bridal bouquet. It’s a beautiful way to link the past to your big celebration, honoring family history with nature’s organic beauty.

Bride holding wedding bouquet with white, peach, and red flowers

Have Your Florist Make Her Custom Wearable Flowers

Your bouquet gets top billing on your wedding day, but we can’t overlook the mothers! On such an important day, the mom of the bride and the mom of the groom deserve their own special floral touches. Ask your florist to create something fabulous for her, like a corsage, a flower crown, or another piece of wearable floral art. It’s all about giving her something that vibes with the wedding theme, helping her feel super special and stand out among the guests.

Bride putting corsage on mother's arm

Involve Her in Your Wedding Traditions

Involving your mother in a starring role at your wedding is a wonderful gesture of appreciation! Switch up the old traditions and have her accompany you down the aisle. Or, have her officiate the ceremony, standing right there as you go all in with your “I dos.” A mother-daughter dance or mother-son dance is another special way to spotlight her at the reception, and we’re all for it. Naturally, moms are also the perfect partners for finding your something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.

Bride carrying floral with parents escorting her

Give Her the Bridal Bouquet After the Ceremony

Following the “I dos” and before the big party begins, honor your mom by presenting her with the wedding bouquet and boutonniere to hold onto forever. It’s the ideal wedding gift for moms and a tangible reminder she’ll treasure! This wholesome act symbolizes your entry into a new life chapter and recognizes the enduring love you have for your mom. It’s a tender way to say thanks for all she’s done and a fresh twist on the traditional bouquet toss, too.

Bride holding our bouquet of flowers

At WKF Weddings, we’re all for showing our moms the appreciation we feel for having them in our lives — it’s always a beautiful moment! Keep in mind, though your wedding day might be just one day, the memories and pictures will be around for decades.

Make mom shine