Flowers Speak Louder: How to Amplify Your Theme Event with Fresh Blooms

So, you’re planning your prom, zhuzhing up a homecoming dance, or plotting an epic high school reunion. We bet you have a theme that will knock it out of the park! But hold up – have you thought about how flowers can take things to the next level? It’s time to step away from the usual and embrace the extraordinary, to say goodbye to the expected and hi to the “Pinterest-perfect!” If you’re ready to take your event from basic to breathtaking, from predictable to purely authentic, WKF Weddings in St. Louis, Missouri is here to work that floral magic.

Why Flowers?

Flowers aren’t just decor; they do the heavy lifting when setting the mood and transforming the event space. Whether you’re sprucing up a no-frills gym, cafeteria, or hotel ballroom (where everyone has their proms and reunions), flowers have the magical ability to make the venue look like a dreamy Instagram post. Picture lush floral arches framing grand entrances, tablescapes stealing the spotlight, and dance floor flanks that bring that wow factor. Flowers elevate your theme by whispering it, subtly setting the event’s vibe without being in-your-face. It’s about showing, not telling! So, let’s dive into bringing your dream theme to life with the power of fresh blooms.

Large floral arch in event space

A Night in Paris

Picture Paris, but make it floral — say au revoir to tired Eiffel Tower tropes. Let Paris come to life with elegant beauty and a bit of je ne sais quoi. Envision intimate café scenes bathed in flickering candlelight, along with lush floral arrangements — pink roses and pretty peonies in a palette of romantic colors. And for your Insta? A display of colorful macarons nestled on a bed of soft petals. Voilà, Parisian chic at its finest.

Table set with flowers and candles

Old Hollywood

Ready to let the red carpet roll out? Let’s make it happen with flowers that radiate Old Hollywood glamour. Imagine pristine white floral displays and classic accents that make each selfie background look like a vintage movie set. Complete the scene with gilded candelabras, draped pearls, and the timeless flair only blooms can provide.

Black moody table set with white flowers

Masquerade Ball

At masquerade balls, mysterious and dramatic is the vibe. Dark, moody blooms set the tone for a night filled with intrigue, while feather accents and pampas grass add whimsy to every arrangement. From centerpieces to posh boutonnieres and corsages, each detail contributes to the magic of the evening, where masked guests dance and mingle in a secret rendezvous.

Banquet table set with candelabras and flowers

Enchanted Forest

Turn your venue into a mystical forest with abundant greenery and dreamy seasonal blooms in pastel hues – like fresh tulips for a spring party! Add natural elements such as wood colors and antique brass containers to anchor the theme. Don’t shy away from incorporating unconventional florals like protea to inspire childlike wonder. This magical theme immerses your guests in a wondrous would where the natural beauty casts its spell in every direction.

Pink flowering plant on reception table

Under the Sea

Make a splash with a theme that transforms your event space into an underwater fantasy: under-the-sea! Whether you want to serve tropical energy with orchids and anthuriums or dive deep into mermaid territory with blue thistle and hydrangeas, your aim is to make waves. Think purples, greens, and blues that make guests feel like they’re in an underwater paradise, dancing the night away.

Purple wedding space with floral installations

Flowers are the secret weapon that takes any event theme from good to luxe; they bring beauty, life, and color to the table. If you’re ready to make a statement with your event (and rise to the top of everyone’s social feed), get in touch with the team at WKF Weddings.

Tailor your event's theme with unique blooms