Wedding Bouquets Choices Decoded: 8 Shapes That You Need to Know

So, you’re getting ready to chat with your floral designer about your wedding bouquet — which is super exciting! But, while you might assume that wedding bouquets are pretty much the same as an arrangement you receive on a holiday, there are some legit differences. For starters, everyday bouquets are prearranged by a florist, so you don’t get too much say in the final design. They also don’t have the mechanisms needed (and then hidden elegantly) for a wedding day. In contrast, your florist will ensure your wedding flowers can withstand hours of handling, photography, and transportation. You also get a ton of say in how they’re designed — it’s your big day, after all! So, no matter what your vision is, from blinging out your bouquet with charms to carrying something like the crystal-stemmed bouquet that keeps popping up in your Instagram feed, don’t hold back! Your wedding bouquet is a mirror that 100 percent reflects your personality, so make it yours.

If you enjoy daydreaming, planning, and always being on-trend, chances are you have your dream wedding bouquet all sketched out in your mind. Whether you’re set on the classic elegance of ranunculus and roses or the timeless charm of sunflowers and lilies — and whether your color palette is all blues and whites or Pantone’s 2024 hue of the year, peach fuzz — you likely have a clear idea of what your plan is. However, the bouquet shape or type of design that best suits your vibe might have escaped your attention. Fortunately, we have your back! The team at WKF Weddings in St. Louis, Missouri is breaking down the eight most sought-after wedding bouquet styles you’re sure to love – like we do!

Natural and Freeform

Opt for a natural or freeform bouquet style if you’re known for your free-spirited nature. Serving boho energy, these popular “shapes” effortlessly embrace nature’s untamed beauty, replete with lush greenery. Of course, there are no rules that you have to follow! Your day means your rules. So embrace your creativity and craft something right on your wavelength, letting your individuality shine.

Couple with natural and freeform bouquet


Unlike the freeform style, crescent bouquets have a specific shape that’s pretty easy to guess. If you’re thinking of a crescent or half-moon shape, you’ve hit the nail on the head! These bouquets stand out with many, many lush flowers and fresh greenery. So, if you’re a fan of symmetry and love a bold floral statement, a crescent wedding bouquet might be just what you’re looking for.

Bride holding crescent bouquet


On the flip side, a semi-crescent bouquet has a fun and modern asymmetrical shape, perfect for on-trend couples looking to make a statement! Sometimes called “bespoke” due to the one-of-a-kind vibe they have, we think any bride or groom would appreciate this style. Doesn’t everyone love having something made just for them?

Woman holding semi-crescent bouquet


For fans of the “old money” style trend, round bouquets have the honor of being the most classic and timeless, making them ideal for any wedding. While they have a seriously traditional energy, you can make yours more contemporary by having the most popular wedding blooms of 2024 be the star of the show: luxe ranunculus and peonies (recently named the flower of the year for 2024!) along with your favorite accent blooms.

Bride holding round bouquet


Another beloved floral option, ideal for those planning a romantic, boho-inspired, or posh wedding, is the waterfall bouquet, also called the cascading bouquet. Overflowing with blossoms and greenery in various lengths and textures, this bouquet flawlessly serves romance and drama – très chic! What makes a cascading arrangement extra special is the movement it brings to your whole outfit, from the flow of your veil to the train of your gown.

Bride holding cascading bouquet


As for long-stem bouquets, the vibe is elegant with a hint of simplicity. Typically petite enough to comfortably hold in one hand, these bouquets often have statement blossoms like sunflowers, calla lilies, hyacinths, or protea. Not surprisingly, each bloom has long stems, giving you the perfect opportunity to add personalized touches, such as sentimental charms or family heirlooms.

Bride holding long-stem bouquet


If you want your bridal party to carry gorgeous flowers but ensure your wedding bouquet remains the focal point, mini bouquets do the job perfectly. These small, sweet arrangements echo the look of your own bouquet and are easy to hold, a bonus. They’re especially well-suited for junior bridesmaids and flower girls as well. Whether you’re hosting an intimate ceremony or have a quirky, fun style, mini bouquets are a fab option for you, too!

Bride holding mini bouquet

Floral Hoop

If you’re searching for something different for your floral wedding bouquet, dare to embrace the modern with a chic floral hoop. Typically made using a gold metal ring, these trending “bouquets” come in many finishes, shapes, and sizes, from natural materials to sleek metals. Flowers are commonly affixed to the hoop’s side or bottom, serving a minimalist look we’re absolutely obsessed with!

Bridesmaids holding floral hoop bouquets

The skilled team at WKF Weddings is here to help you pick the wedding bouquet shape that suits your vibe perfectly. Our flowers will withstand the demands of your wedding day perfectly, ensuring they remain radiant and flawless throughout the celebration.