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The Best Types of Flowers for Significant Events

When planning an event to celebrate a special occasion, don’t forget the flowers. Fresh florals are beautiful, fragrant, natural decor perfect for taking any indoor or outdoor event from ordinary to extraordinary. Whether it’s a retirement party, charity function, or special anniversary, gorgeous floral arrangements are the most important part. For proof, take a look […]

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The Benefits of Having Florals & Plants at Corporate Events

Most special events include stylish, beautiful fresh plants and flowers as part of the decor. They decorate areas such as stages, podiums, tables, walkways, corners, walls, and entryways. While you may think they are just part of the overall design, you probably don’t realize just how important the role fresh plants and flowers play in […]

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10 Unique Lighting Decor Options for Your Big Day

Weddings and special events are incredible experiences where flowers, decor, and lighting combine to create a mesmerizing and illuminating space that tells a story or evokes a particular mood. The lighting is a large part of creating a special space for any occasion. Whether glorious and bright or mysterious and soft, the lighting sets the […]

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Guide to Flowers for Fundraisers or Charity Events

Planning a fundraising event is a challenging, yet rewarding, undertaking, and the floral experts at  Walter Knoll Florist – Weddings & Events want to share with you our favorite tips for making fundraisers special and unique. Successful fundraisers tug at the heartstrings of attendees and get them excited and energized about helping the organization or charity […]

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When You Should Select Flowers for Your Event

Flowers go with special events and weddings like peanut butter goes with jelly. Beautiful, fresh florals magically transform ordinary events into extraordinary ones. If you are planning an upcoming special occasion or a wedding, be sure to book your florist well in advance to guarantee you receive the best quality blooms. The floral design experts […]

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Unique Centerpieces That Bring Your Event to Life

From the welcome table to the cake table, and the dance floor to the guest tables, there are endless opportunities to incorporate your personal style and originality into the decor for your upcoming events. Whether you are hosting an engagement party, bridal or baby shower, wedding, anniversary celebration, or birthday party, you will likely be […]

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Corporate Events

For corporate events, we love to include bold colors that make the space lively and inviting. Since the setting is often regulated and stiff, it is nice to impress the guests with something unusual on the tables. We love working with tropicals and bringing fresh plants into the mix. Even our all-white crisp designs feature something that will give guests something to talk about by including looped or folded greens, metallic accents, or lights in the water.

Expect flowers that are primed for a good showing! We take the time to allow our roses, hydrangeas, sunflowers, lilies, and most focal flowers to open just before delivery and setting the space, which allows for the best and most dramatic floral presentation. Guests can expect to see something fun and creative on the tables. We like to bring dramatic tall centerpieces in large spaces to break up the room with some height, and when doing large events providing multiple style arrangements so guests can enjoy walking around the room and exploring while they mingle.

We provide plant rentals, table centerpieces, buffet floral arrangements, registrations pieces, stage pieces, cocktail & bar accents, presentation bouquets for honored guests, as well as corsages and boutonnieres for people who should be recognized. We love to go the extra mile for our customers and bringing to life a corporate event that exceeds their expectations.