Unique Centerpieces That Bring Your Event to Life

From the welcome table to the cake table, and the dance floor to the guest tables, there are endless opportunities to incorporate your personal style and originality into the decor for your upcoming events. Whether you are hosting an engagement party, bridal or baby shower, wedding, anniversary celebration, or birthday party, you will likely be selecting and designing unique centerpieces for each guest table. To help spark creative inspiration, your friends here at Walter Knoll Florist are sharing a few out-of-the-box ideas for fun yet beautiful floral centerpieces.

Teapot with bright pink and purple flowers between two candles


A cute, fun, and unique centerpiece for showers or a garden tea party is a pastel flower arrangement nestled inside a teapot. Create an eclectic look with different styled, colored, and patterned teapots on each table with your favorite blooms. This is the perfect look for sweet birthday parties, cozy baby and bridal showers, or even a small garden wedding.

White vintage birdcage with large pink flower inside


If your wedding or event is happening in the springtime, we love the idea of incorporating birdcages into your decor. Filling vintage cages with full and lush spring floral arrangements on each table is a great way to tie in the season and give guests a breath of fresh air. From vintage, chic, elegant, or even rustic-styled events, a creative birdcage with colorful blooms is sure to be special.

Large stack of books in center of guest table with flowers on top


One item that can be an unexpected yet versatile item to create a centerpiece from is a book. Stack them to create height and various levels to capture attention while you show off the binding of your favorite titles. You can also hollow out old novels to fill with a beautiful, overflowing floral arrangement. This is a nice idea for baby showers if you use children’s books, or bridal showers, birthday parties, and graduation celebrations for the avid reader.

Gold pumpkin with fall flowers inside

Fruit & Veggies

Floral arrangements for weddings and events are heavily dependent, inspired, and reflective of the season. While we rely on seasonal flowers to create a fall, winter, spring, or summer look and feel, we can also turn to fruits and veggies to help mirror the season as well. Hollow out a large pumpkin or a vibrant pineapple to use as a fun seasonal vase for a fall or summer wedding. You can also enhance a table runner or floral arrangement with seasonal fruits and veggies that add a unique splash of color.

Floral arrangement under a glass dome - cloche roses


Sometimes we find inspiration for different floral arrangements from our favorite fairytales, like Beauty and the Beast. A single bloom or a full bouquet found under a glass dome or cloche is the perfect centerpiece for any event, from weddings to showers and graduations to birthday parties. Enclosed arrangements are a creative yet classic way to display your favorite blooms and transport guests into a whimsical garden.

Perfecting your style, reflecting your personality, and telling the story of your journey through decor is no small task. However, here at Walter Knoll Florist, our creative team of design experts is sure to make your vision come to life. Whether you have a unique item to incorporate or a specific time or place you want to transport guests to, we are ready for the challenge.