How to Create Beautiful & Unique Wedding Decor with Succulents

Succulents have grown in popularity over the past several years and have even made it into wedding decor. These colorful plants come in a variety of shapes and sizes and surprisingly blend well with other florals. The structural quality and unique beauty of succulents bring a creative and fresh quality to typical wedding florals. Perfect for any season or venue, succulents can be elegant and sophisticated or fun and charming. Keep reading for inspired ideas on how to incorporate succulents into your big day from the wedding and floral experts at Walter Knoll Florist.  

Wedding Bouquets

A recent trend is using succulents in bridal bouquets which adds drama, texture, and intrigue when surrounded by more soft, subtle, and delicate florals. There are numerous ways to incorporate succulents here, such as having just one or two providing contrast and structure. Another possibility is to have one large succulent as the statement piece of the bouquet surrounded by smaller flowers and greenery. If you’re a big fan of succulents, then go ahead and have a unique and original bouquet composed of nothing but various succulents and some greenery. With the large variety of attractive shapes and colors ranging from deep burgundy to light pink, green, white, and blue, succulents blend seamlessly with any type of color or decor theme.   


Wedding Table Decor & More

Succulents make spectacular centerpieces either on their own or paired with other flowers. They also make decorative table runners, playful place settings, and napkin ties. A few creative ways to display succulents on a table is to have a single succulent set atop a tall candle holder, several small succulents arranged in a glass bowl with sand, or succulents in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors arranged on a platter or in a wooden box.  Other decor ideas are including succulents in the florals that decorate arches, hang glass jars with succulents in them from tree branches, and tie them to chairs for a nice ornamental touch. Because succulents are sturdy and don’t require water, there are endless options for how they can be used for decoration at events.    

Succulent Wall

Instead of a flower wall, have a succulent wall for a unique and colorful photo backdrop and accent piece. Succulents will hold their shape and remain fresh longer than flowers which makes them suitable for use in all-day outdoor events. 

Wedding Cake

Florals are often used for decorating the wedding cake so why not include a few ornamental succulents as well?  A few well-placed, colorful, and ornamental succulents on your wedding cake will give it an original and elegant look.     

Wedding Favors

Send a succulent home with your wedding gifts for them to keep. These are hearty plants that are easy to care for. Include a little card with succulent care instructions so your guests can keep their succulent, and a memento of your wedding, thriving for years to come. 

Including succulents in your wedding is a wonderful way to add a fresh, modern element to it as well as to create a unique and original event your guests are sure to remember.