Dream Wedding Inspiration That Sweeps You Off to the French Countryside

Step into the world of a French Country-themed wedding, where your special day brings the enchanting beauty of the region to life. Your venue will resemble a historic chateau nestled among vineyards, and you’ll dine on delectable Parisian dishes on a perfect spring day. Let the experts at WKF Weddings in St. Louis, Missouri, curate a wedding journey that blends romance with rustic elegance, paying homage to the timeless allure of France.

Install Dramatic Floral Arches Overlooking the Vineyard

Floral arches infuse your wedding with beauty, drama, and color that seamlessly blend with the French countryside’s ambiance. They become a natural focal point during the ceremony and create a luxe backdrop for capturing special moments for the happy couple. Whether you prefer rose blossoms and pampas grass for a boho vibe or flowers reminiscent of lavender fields, these arches can be adorned with cascading greenery, reminiscent of the vines that thrive in French vineyards.

Wedding arch in countryside with flowers

Coordinate Springtime Wedding Bouquets and Dresses

Whether the bride chooses a traditional white dress or something more unique in color, it’s important to coordinate springtime flowers with the elegant attire. Consider peonies, hydrangeas, and roses to create a posh Parisian bouquet. Enhance it with brunia berries, stock flowers, and greenery like fresh eucalyptus for a well-rounded floral look. Don’t hesitate to incorporate bold colors if that’s your heart’s desire and it perfectly complements the gown.

Woman in blue wedding dress with bouquet

Set Centerpieces on Outdoor Chateau Reception Tables

Outdoor receptions in the warm French sun are incredibly charming, thanks to the stunning natural setting. Elevate the celebration with elegant floral centerpieces; place vases filled with dahlias, roses, and graceful greenery like sword ferns on pale blue table linens, mirroring the sky. To add contrast and capture the wild beauty of the French countryside, introduce accent blooms like blue thistle for a hint of drama and a meadow-inspired feel.

Wedding table with blue linens and flowers

Adorn Seating and Other Architectural Elements with Flowers

Transform your venue into a lush and organic space by embellishing table edges, seating, door frames, and planters with vibrant flower arrangements. Custom designs bring a sense of abundance and natural beauty to the space. It’s another wonderful opportunity to utilize purple flowers that remind you of the rolling lavender fields prevalent in the French countryside. Consider using baby’s breath or purple statice as accent blooms to add volume and texture to these displays.

Purple bouquet of flowers with greenery

Decorate Parisian Cakes and Desserts with Fresh Blooms

At a French Country-themed wedding reception, don’t miss the chance to enhance cakes, confections, and desserts with beautiful, fresh flowers. You can also bring in bicycle symbolism to pay homage to the region’s favored mode of transportation. Another lovely option is to strategically position vibrant peony arrangements in tones that match the desserts. For a twist of whimsy, serve pastel-colored macarons alongside bright and cheerful blossoms.

Wedding dessert table with flowers and sweets

WKF Weddings is excited to infuse your wedding venue with the essence of the French countryside on a lovely spring afternoon. Wherever you are, we can bring the charm and beauty of this region to your celebration with our elegant floral arrangements.

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