Select Your Dream Wedding Bouquet Based on Your Favorite Rom-Com

Everyone has a rom-com that they love the most, whether it’s the classic Bridesmaids, the hilarious 50 First Dates, or the posh Sex and The City movie. With titles spanning various styles, there’s one that resonates with each of us. While recreating one of the scenes from your rom-com of choice may not be on the agenda, you can still take inspiration from it in a way that makes your wedding day super fun and romantic. At WKF Weddings in St. Louis, Missouri, we’re here to predict the ideal wedding bouquet that suits you as if you were the lead character of your most beloved romantic comedy.


Bridesmaids, a genuine cult classic, tells the story of what it means to be both a bridesmaid and a true friend, giving viewers an array of quirky, colorful, and hilarious moments. Whether you’re inspired by the Paris-themed bridal shower or the sophisticated lavender Fritz Bernaise gowns, it’s hard to imagine a more fitting wedding bouquet than a round style adorned with pastel purple and pink blooms.

Wedding bouquet with purple and white flowers

27 Dresses

Taking cues from the distinct personalities of the many brides in 27 Dresses, Katherine Heigl’s lead character orchestrates a wonderfully eclectic group for her bridal party when she finally gets married. While your style should be the focal point, allow your bridal party to express their individual flair. Embrace the current trend of unique bouquets for each bridesmaid, which still align with your chosen color palette for a harmonious yet mismatched ensemble. Of course, conclude the night with some bar-top dancing to Bennie and the Jets.

Brides and bridesmaids holding flower bouquets

Love Actually

The holiday season in London, England and the love stories that happen there — even with a bit of heartache — now that’s true romance. If Love Actually is a holiday movie you eagerly anticipate, then the festive season clearly holds a sentimental place in your heart. Imagine your wedding day full of happiness, maybe a surprise rendition of All You Need is Love, and flower arrangements with fresh winter blooms and seasonal touches such as berries or feathery greenery.

Bride holding red and white winter bouquet

Mamma Mia

If singing along to ABBA for nearly two hours is your jam, follow Amanda Seyfried’s lead in Mamma Mia. Although your wedding isn’t on a gorgeous Greek island, you can channel the energy with a flower crown, a boho dress, and a laid-back bouquet with neutral-toned blooms and greenery. Allow your spirit to run free as a bird at your reception, lit up perfectly with twinkling lights to elevate the ambiance.

Bride holding whimsical bouquet on beach

Sex and the City: The Movie

Whether you align with Charlotte, Miranda, Samantha, or Carrie, making a big statement at your wedding is a priority. If Carrie Bradshaw’s fashion choices resonate with you, extend that to your wedding bouquet. Choose large, dramatic flowers like peonies, pale white roses, and blue-toned feather accents (IYKYK), or opt for a subtle yellow arrangement for an intimate city hall ceremony. Standing with your partner, embraced by the sweet scent of fresh flowers, you’ll know that this picture-perfect moment is the beginning of forever for you both.

Person holding large white wedding bouquet

The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride, a favorite among both kids and adults, sparks our enchanting fairytale fantasies. With the film being set in the Renaissance era, your wedding bouquet should have the grace of a princess gearing up to wed her very own knight in shining armor – or the farm boy in a black mask she loves. Choose pink flowers and abundant greenery for your bouquet, making sure it’s arranged with different textures and heights to symbolize the unfolding chapters of your romantic love story.

Princess inspired pastel colored wedding bouquet

So, I Married an Axe Murderer

So I Married an Axe Murderer, with Mike Meyers at the helm, delivers a blend of mystery, beat poetry, humor, and a dash of fear — a standout ’90s rom-com. If the catchy There She Goes is still playing in your head on repeat, consider having your wedding bouquet feature calla lilies, which symbolize union and passion. Combine them with distinctive accent blooms for a sleek and elegant appearance that mirrors the film’s novel and creative style.

Bouquet of deep purple calla lilies

The Wedding Singer

Rom-com royalty Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore began their magic with The Wedding Singer. Drawing inspiration from the ’80s setting of the movie, concentrate on the bold and electric hues popular at the time for a vibrant and fun wedding bouquet. Infuse the arrangement with peonies and roses in the colors you love, playful accents, and fresh greenery, reflecting the essence of your fun and witty character.

Dramatic wedding bouquet with lots of flowers

50 First Dates

Adam Sandler’s persistence in 50 First Dates never fails to charm us, and his creative gestures to win over Drew Barrymore’s character, Lucy, are always a delight. Even if your menu skips pineapples and waffles, you can bring your wedding guests to Hawaii with fresh, colorful bouquets of tropical flowers. Choose statement blooms like anthuriums, plumeria, or orchids accentuated by large, lush green leaves. It’s a memorable statement that not even Lucy would overlook.

Two women getting married with tropical flowers

No matter your film preferences or style choices, the experts at WKF Weddings are here to ensure your wedding day feels like the best movie ever.

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