Six Ideas for Including Your Fur Baby in Your Wedding

As weddings are a celebration of love, there is one noteworthy guest that you cannot overlook to attend your big day. Having your best four-legged friend walk down the aisle or inspire a signature cocktail at your reception are just two ways to include your pet in your wedding. Your friends here at Walter Knoll Weddings have rounded up six of our favorite ways to ensure your beloved fur babies can celebrate your special day with you in the most appropriate ways.


Fluffy cat laying next to wedding rings

Furry Flower Girl/Ring Bearer

If a trusted ring bearer or lovely and lively flower girl is on your list of things to secure, just ask your furry best friend to fill the role. Your friendly pet will love the attention they are sure to receive as they make their way down the aisle, especially if they are dressed to the nines in a smashing wedding outfit or floral crown and the rings fastened to their accessories. To ensure things go smoothly, we might recommend teaming your furry buddy up with a human to escort them down the aisle.


Golden retriever wearing wedding flowers

“Hire” an Enthusiastic Greeter

Nothing beats a superb first impression. As guests arrive at your wedding, let them be greeted by none other than your outgoing and adorable fur baby. Both your pet and your guests will love seeing each other, getting pets and kisses, and celebrating your big day.


Two dogs wearing bow ties walking down wedding aisle

Have a Personal Escort

Create a memorable and heartwarming wedding memory as your furry best friend walks you down the aisle to meet your fiancé. If you like to stick with tradition and plan to ask a human to “give you away,” your pet is sure to be the best “arm candy” for a parent, grandparent, or someone else in need of an escort. This is sure to grab your guest’s attention and get them ready for the ceremony.


Little dog standing with groomsmen

Add to Your Bridal Party

If you cannot get married without your fur baby by your side, consider “asking” them to be your “dog (or cat) of honor” and put them in your bridal party. Dress them up and get their leash wedding-ready, by adding flowers or accessories to match your bouquets or boutonnieres. Your four-legged friend can walk down the aisle and stand at attention next to your human friends as you finally say, “I do.”


Cat laying under wedding dress near shoes, rings, and bouquet

Get Ready Together

Bring your good boy or girl into your bridal suite while you get ready for your special day. Not only can they help to calm your nerves, but your fur baby will love spending precious time with you before the hustle and bustle truly begin. Not to mention, your furriest friend might also need to get themselves ready for the wedding ceremony, too.


His and hers wedding signature cocktails sign

Name Signature Cocktails After Them

A fun way to incorporate your four-legged friend into your wedding reception, even if they are spending time with a sitter or relaxing at home, is by creating a signature cocktail in their honor. While everyone loves a creative drink to order all night long, make “The Fido” a crowd-pleaser, like a classic rum and coke, or “The Chloe” your favorite go-to drink, like a malibu bay breeze. You can also play on your pet’s name, for instance, if their name is Bailey, why not create a fun cocktail with Bailey’s Irish Cream?

Having fur babies is one of the most special kinds of love we feel. So, as we celebrate a day of love and marry our significant other, it would not be complete without a cameo or tribute to our best furry friends. Let the experts here at Walter Knoll Weddings help you create the best flower accessories for your pet and perfect the entire look and feel of your big day.