A Guide to Hosting a Flower Bar for Your Celebration

A fresh and fun way to ensure guests mingle with each other and get up and out of their seats is with a lush and bright flower bar. Your bachelorette party, bridal shower, wedding reception, or another event will be one of the most enjoyable and memorable as guests get a little taste of floristry. From mini arrangements and bouquets to floral crowns and wreaths, the creative opportunity is limitless for guests to design their own “flower favor” to take home. Here at Walter Knoll Weddings, we know that flower bars are also a wonderful addition to your event as they fill your venue with your favorite-colored blooms and lovely fragrances, as well as make for a cheerful spot for photos.


Woman creating flower crown

Types of Flower Bars

While there is a multitude of flower bars you can create, a great way to pinpoint the type you plan to host is by identifying the theme of your celebration, consulting your guest list, and remembering the purpose of your event. If you love to keep things classic and traditional, your flower bar could be simple with your favorite blooms and lovely vases for guests to fill. Some brides like to get their bridal party together for a fun flower bar where they design bouquets to use at the wedding rehearsal. Finally, you might choose to incorporate a whimsical flower-crown bar at your freestyle or boho celebration.


Variety of peach flowers and greens

Choosing the Fun Stuff

The fun part about hosting your own DIY flower bar is choosing all of the pieces and setting up your gorgeous display. To make this truly amazing, you will want to select your favorite flowers and greenery while keeping in mind your theme, style, and even a cohesive color palette to make it simple for guests to mix and match. Then, gather an eclectic collection of vases, baskets, metal circles, and wreaths, depending on the type of flower bar you have decided to create. Next, shop around for colorful and cute accessories like gems, rhinestones, ribbon, and burlap to add the perfect finishing touches.


Pink flowers, basket, and scissors

Essentials You Need

In addition, there are a number of essentials you want to ensure are accounted for in order to have a successful flower bar. These include floristry tools like wire cutters, green wire, scissors, floral tape, and a waste bin. To keep your blooms fresh and healthy, make sure extra buckets of water are on hand as well as extra plant food. Finally, set up your display on a large table with lovely linen, crates, and stands, signs to guide your guests, labels for each type of flower, and an example or two to spark creative inspiration.


Male florist as flower bar bartender arranging white and pink flowers

How About a “Bartender?”

If you and your guests aren’t always the most comfortable when it comes to creative or crafty projects, hiring a “bartender” for your flower bar might be something to look into. Having a professional florist who can lend a hand and offer expertise can make your event seamless and relaxing. Everyone will have peace of mind knowing their flower pairings and arrangements are top-notch with this extra guidance.

One of the things the team here at Walter Knoll Weddings loves most about celebrating with a DIY flower bar is that each guest, regardless of age or ability, is able to partake in the festivities. Your mesmerizing display of breathtaking blooms is sure to be a hit. While the party may be over, guests will still be marveling over their creations and reminiscing on the wonderful time they had at your event.