Going the Extra Mile with Marriage Proposals

You only have a single shot to ask your true love to marry you, making it crucial to plan an extravagant proposal that goes the extra mile. Elevate the occasion with the addition of fresh flowers that bring color, beauty, and sophistication to your setting of choice. Whether you’re preparing a surprise outdoor proposal or an intimate indoor proposal with only the two of you, fresh flowers add that magical touch. At WKF Weddings, the top florist in St. Louis, Missouri, we have all the essentials to make your proposal unforgettable and secure that “yes!”

Heart shaped floral arches

Make Public Proposals Perfect with Heart-Shaped Floral Arches

Surprise your loved one with a big, heart-shaped floral arch featuring their favorite blooms at a special location, whether it’s a beach, rooftop, or another cherished spot. Make a romantic path using single flowers or scattered petals to guide your partner. Once you reach the centerpiece, give them a luxe flower bouquet that complements the arch, such as roses in contrast with sunflowers. Conclude the enchanting proposal by going down on one knee, then present them with a ring that highlights their individual beauty.

Marry Me sign with flowers and balloons

Have a Lavish Proposal Inside a Flower-Filled Room

Turn a hotel room into a bloom-filled paradise for a surprise proposal while on vacation. You then have two options: Create a grand reveal by opening the door to a room filled with fresh flowers, surprising your partner immediately. Or, orchestrate a scavenger hunt beginning with single stems, progressing to bouquets, and culminating in the room filled with extravagant floral displays. Lead your beloved to the center of the scene, where the engagement ring will be waiting amidst the blossoms, and ask the big question. It’s a proposal idea that combines opulence with intimacy for an unforgettable moment.

Couple by red hot air balloon

Plan a Simple Proposal That Stuns in Extraordinary Locations

Transform simple proposals into extraordinary memories by opting for exotic locales or checking off a bucket list item together. Enhance boat proposals with charming details like vases full of single stems and decorative garlands adorning the railings. As you kneel down, offer your partner their favorite bloom before revealing the engagement ring. Alternatively, embark on a hot air balloon adventure and surprise them with wearable flowers like flower crowns, boutonnieres, or corsages. Amidst the stunning aerial views, take the opportunity to ask the big question. Remember to snap a selfie after they say “yes” to share your happiness with the world.

Roses and an engagement ring on table with drinks

Create a Cute Proposal That Honors Their Favorite Films and Themes

Craft a proposal that mirrors a scene from their favorite film, ensuring it’s a romantic and unforgettable occasion. Enhance the atmosphere by adorning your selected location – whether it’s a public space like an airport or a secluded meadow – with beautiful arrangements of the flowers they love the most. Or, you can have a more private proposal at home, incorporating elements inspired by their favorite theme. Transform your space with scattered flower petals, warm candlelight, and a toast of their preferred bubbly drink. This personal setting provides the perfect backdrop to ask the question that will shape your future together: “Will you marry me?”

Couple with fireworks in background

Let the Event Be the Backdrop for Romantic Proposals

If your sweetie enjoys being the center of attention, a grand fireworks display or an outdoor lantern festival makes for an unforgettable proposal location. These public events provide a stunning and dramatic atmosphere with their bright colors and glittering lights. Be sure to enlist a photographer skilled in low-light settings to capture the moment beautifully. When the timing is right, surprise them with a big bouquet of flowers, creating the perfect Instagram-worthy moment. Then pop the question, asking for their “yes!”

At WKF Weddings, our skilled experts are prepared to bring your lavish proposal vision to life using luxe floral arrangements. Use the power of flowers to convey your deep love and make any environment enchanting, filled with romance and vivid hues.

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