Decor and Design Ideas for Your Next Holiday Open House

Getting ready for an open house, whether a yearly sale, a memorable weekend affair, or a holiday tour, should always involve fresh seasonal flowers. Like you’d use floral arrangements to beautify a wedding or another significant event, decorating your operation with winter blooms and natural touches is crucial. These flowers don’t just introduce bursts of color and a warm holiday vibe; they also charm and beckon, encouraging people to drop by, admire the decor, and possibly shop around. At WKF Weddings in St. Louis, Missouri, we provide innovative floral design concepts to make your winter open house the best it can be.

Entry of open house with greenery

Make Your Signage Pop for People on the Street

Decorating your open house signage can significantly increase foot traffic. This includes your storefront sign, the “come in, we’re open” sign, or a notice about your upcoming open house. By adorning them with vibrant wintry garlands, holly berries, pine cones, or other seasonal greenery, you can create eye-catching displays that draw people in, piquing their curiosity.

Greenery and lights on storefront

Enhance Curb Appeal to Invite Guests In

Enhance your storefront’s appeal with impressive exterior floral arrangements designed to catch the eye of pedestrians and window shoppers. Create floral displays that are visually striking and impossible to ignore. Think about using bold poinsettias or seasonal planters flanking your entrance to add a touch of elegance, or go all out with large flower installations and sparkling lights to capture the attention of everyone passing by.

Holiday accents with bulbs and greenery

Deck the Halls with Accents That Bloom

Inside your open house, ensure your guests feel the warmth of the season, inviting them to stay for a significant amount of time. Deck the halls with holiday decorations that take cues from the natural world and the spirit of joyfulness and cheer. Adorn your space with festive garlands, ribbons, ornaments, and bells alongside the fresh winter blossoms. To finish creating the perfect holiday mood, play soft seasonal tunes.

woman shopping in store decorated for Christmas

Highlight In-Store Items and Spruce Up the Showroom

Flowers not only add visual appeal but also draw your guests and customers to specific spots in your store. Get artistic as you design arrangements that draw attention to new arrivals, discounted items, and featured items. Opt for bright floral displays that harmonize with your business’s featured colors. Think of combinations like rich jewel tones alongside crisp winter whites, or embrace the timeless elegance of poinsettias to enhance the appeal of cozy gifts.

Red, white, and green holiday decor on mantel

Bring Joy to the Overall Guest Experience

In addition to the charm of radiant flowers, using them as decorations during your open house injects your business with the warmth and joy of the holiday season. Fresh flowers and plants are known for their ability to lift spirits and bring people happiness. When guests relax and have a fun and festive time at your event, whether appreciating the blossoms or feeling the holiday spirit, they’ll link your business to these cheerful emotions. Giving folks positive experiences is a savvy strategy to transform open house visitors into loyal customers.

Team up with the event gurus at WKF Weddings to secure the success of your winter open house.

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