Winter Formals & Celebratory New Year’s Eve Events: Tips for Flowers & Fashion

Get ready to shine at winter’s most glamorous gatherings with style and poise! Winter formals, often held in December or January, call for an air of refined elegance, beautifully matched with seasonal blossoms. Likewise, some of the most luxurious New Year’s Eve celebrations — hosted in elegant ballrooms and swanky venues — can also be considered winter formals, providing the perfect stage for flaunting a striking corsage or boutonniere. From sparkling December galas to fancy New Year’s Eve balls, the experts at WKF Weddings are here to assist you in finding the perfect floral accents to complement your formal attire. They will make you the occasion’s most memorable guest.

Man's suit with boutonniere

Winter Formal Attire for Men

Guys attending a winter formal or a luxurious New Year’s Eve party often choose the classic combination of a suit and dress shoes. Nevertheless, don’t hesitate to opt for unique dress pants or a bold button-down to let your individuality shine through. Whether you decide on ties, bowties, or a fashionable jacket or sweater, there are numerous style possibilities if a black suit doesn’t suit your taste. Lastly, add a boutonniere as the perfect, fresh finishing touch to your ensemble. While these small floral accessories are usually fastened to your lapel, if you anticipate bundling up for the cold, it’s advisable to attach your boutonniere at the gala to maintain the flowers’ freshness.

Woman in formal attire with white and green corsage

Winter Formal Attire for Ladies

For ladies who relish the opportunity to dress in fabulous gowns and cocktail dresses, the winter formal events and New Year’s Eve parties on the horizon have likely been on your mind for a while. Despite the frosty weather, there’s no need to compromise style for warmth’s sake. Whether you prefer classic pumps or stylish high-heeled boots, layering up with elegant long coats, shawls, or capes is a smart move. If you’re wearing a shorter dress, warm yet fashionable tights complete your outfit perfectly. Finish the look by accessorizing with a fresh winter corsage. Like the guys, if you plan on donning an overcoat with sleeves on the snug side, you should wait until you’re inside the event to pin your corsage to keep those flowers looking their best.

Woman in green dress with white corsage

Matching Flowers to Your Formal Outfit

Elevating your look for winter formals and New Year’s parties is as simple as choosing the right flowers to complement your attire. When making your selection, it’s essential to consider a few key aspects. First, ensure that the flowers are in season and are fresh and vibrant. Next, think about how they’ll coordinate with your outfit, whether they’ll blend in or add a pop of complementary color. Lastly, don’t forget to accent your corsage or boutonniere with subtle touches of matching shades to create an attractive color palette.

White rose boutonniere with baby's breath on navy lapel

Dark & Moody

When preparing for a winter formal, remember that classic colors like navy, black, emerald, or ruby always exude elegance. Elevate your look with a cream calla lily boutonniere paired with a deep burgundy, black, or navy jacket. For added flair, think about including details like wax flower, hypericum berries, or gypsophila (commonly known as baby’s breath). These small touches not only provide texture but also make your boutonniere or corsage stand out in style.

Man putting corsage on woman's wrist

Bright & Cheerful

During Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations, bold reds and sparkling, iridescent outfits take center stage and turn heads. To achieve a sophisticated look that aligns with the festivities, consider choosing subtle, neutral-colored flowers. These floral accents can infuse a hint of seasonal magic without stealing the spotlight from your attire. Classic white flowers, including roses, anemones, and orchids capture the essence of winter elegance.

Man wearing green boutonniere on green suspenders

Winter Whites & Neutrals

If your canvas features neutral tones like white or beige, it’s the precise right time to let your flowers be the star of the show. You can choose from a myriad of colors, but to capture the winter spirit perfectly, aim for luxury. Envision lush winter foliage accented with charming pinecones. And if you desire more festive flair, consider rich, deep shades like striking blue thistle or burgundy ranunculus.

Reach out to WKF Weddings for everything from centerpieces to wearable flowers and a fresh bouquet, ensuring your upcoming winter formal is a night you won’t forget.