Special Event Flower Accessories Perfect for Modern Men

It’s not uncommon for men to feel a bit restricted when it comes to flower accessories and designs for formal events — think homecoming dances, weddings, proms, and galas, to name a few. The go-to option is often a boutonniere, but things have changed. You can now bring out your uniqueness with wearable flowers in countless ways. Forget the traditional one-stem boutonniere and dive into fresh designs and personalized choices. WKF Weddings in St. Louis, Missouri is ready to assist you in finding the perfect blooms for your next formal gathering.

Groom and groomsmen with boutonnieres

Wedding Florals

It’s customary to give wearable floral designs to grooms, groomsmen, ring bearers, parents, godparents, and grandparents during weddings. These blooms add elegance to the occasion and carry a deep meaning, representing the essential roles these remarkable men have in your life. Letting them know how much they mean to you through these floral gifts is a thoughtful and touching gesture.

Man wearing purple bow tie and flower

Prom Florals

While preparing for prom, homecoming dances, or any formal event, it’s customary for guys to coordinate their boutonniere or wearable floral design with their date’s outfit and flowers. But even if they are attending independently, it’s perfectly acceptable for guys to embrace fresh flowers and let their personality shine. Going stag gives them a chance to design and wear something one-of-a-kind and full of color, expressing their sophisticated style.

Fresh Floral Bow Ties

Ready to step up your style game? Fresh floral bow ties are the trend to watch. Fashion designers are pushing the boundaries with various textures and materials like satin fabrics, floral prints, velvet paisley, and even wood for these unique bow ties. No wonder they are rising in popularity! Add berries and greens for winter energy, succulents to complement a rustic vibe, or colorful mini-blossoms to make these fresh floral bow ties bold and adorable.

Man in red suit with pocket florals

Blooming Pocket Squares

If you’re all about matching your bow tie and pocket square, we have a unique look just for you. Instead of the usual fabric pocket square, go for small blooms arranged along the top of your jacket pocket. This elegant horizontal design puts a fresh spin on the classic boutonniere, adding subtle yet noticeable style. You can choose a matching floral bow tie and pocket square set, or try this trend by selecting a blooming pocket square to complement a solid-colored fabric tie.

Man wearing white boutonniere and suit

Full Lapel Florals

Embrace the bold with this floral look! Instead of a modest boutonniere, go for a full-lapel floral piece that will make a lasting impression at any formal or special event. Use an array of lush blossoms running from the top of your lapel to the jacket’s top button, creating a magnificent look that stands out. This wearable flower design will catch everyone’s eyes and turn heads all night.

Bride and groom at Indian wedding ceremony

Leis, Garlands, & Flower Crowns

For grooms having destination weddings in places like Hawaii or those who belong to cultures or religions where flowers are significant in ceremonies, like Hinduism, flower crowns and garlands are standard floral accessories. The practice of wearing flower crowns goes back to ancient Greece when their purpose was to honor the gods. Over time, this fashion trend has taken on different forms in numerous cultures. For instance, in Ukraine, it’s a common practice for couples to wear flower wreaths after exchanging vows, and they’re a staple in boho-style weddings, too. Around the world, flower crowns and garlands represent good luck, new beginnings, equity, honor, love, celebration, and fertility.

Groom carrying bouquet of flowers


Bouquets are not just for women; men can enjoy them too! Create a modern, classy, and bold look with a bouquet filled with your favorite stems. Use white roses, muted greenery, and protea, with fall tones for a masculine touch, arranging them in a freeform style. If you prefer lively colors and eye-catching blooms, consider a small, compact bouquet for a fresh, well-put-together look. Ultimately, the most beautiful bouquet is the one that honors your identity and represents your personality the best.

Man wearing creative boutonniere


In line with tradition, boutonnieres are little flower arrangements affixed to the left lapel of a suit jacket. They bring elegance to formal outfits and are the most popular flower accessory for men. You can match the blooms with the bridal bouquet, wedding centerpieces, a date’s corsage, or select flowers that resonate with you, offering plenty of ways to share your style through a classic boutonniere.

Are you getting ready for your next formal event? Collaborate with the experts at WKF Weddings to ensure you have the perfect wearable flowers.