How to Create A Wedding Filled with Dreamy Disney Magic

When the time arrives to plan your wedding, you might reminisce about the dreams you had as a child. You imagined yourself in a Cinderella ballgown and your partner dressed as Prince Charming, surrounded by extravagant pastel floral arrangements. You pictured flower petals scattered along the aisle leading you to your ceremony, where Mickey and Minnie Mouse would be the esteemed guests. Don’t let go of those dreams just yet; they can still be realized. At WKF Weddings in St. Louis, Missouri, we are masters at bringing your treasured visions to life. Because fairytales never lose their magic, we made an exclusive guide to help you plan your very own Disney wedding and live your best life happily ever after.

Bride and groom in carriage

Disney Property vs. Disney-Themed

It’s commonly believed that to have a proper Disney wedding, you must hold your special day at a Disney resort. If you’ve watched the television program “Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings” starring Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell, you’ve seen some of the enchanting possibilities of going that route. While you might be considering iconic destinations like Disney World, with its Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, and Animal Kingdom, or perhaps even tropical paradises such as a Disney Cruise or the Aulani Resort in Hawaii, the truth is you can incorporate Disney magic wherever you wish. By including several key elements, such as breathtaking flowers and decor, you can create a joyful wedding experience that captures the essence of Disney, right at the venue of your choice.

Chairs at lit up wedding table

Bringing Your Disney Dreams to Life 

When it comes to Disney weddings, there’s no limit to the magic you can create. Whether you’re planning an extravagant celebration or taking the do-it-yourself route, having extra hands to assist you is essential in bringing your Disney vision to life. Let your favorite Disney film, character, or park inspire your choice of flowers and color schemes. Transform your venue into a magnificent ballroom or pay homage to a beloved Disney element with grand floral arrangements and imaginative centerpieces. Create a stunning floral pattern for your ceremony aisle, mirroring the luxe flowers and landscapes that grace the Disney parks — don’t forget the hidden Mickey. Enhance the experience with fancy aisle toppers and markers, providing layers and dimensions that make your fairytale nuptial dreams come true.

Finding Inspiration in Your Favorite Disney Movies 

Groom holding a bouquet of roses

Belle’s Wedding

If you’re dreaming of a Beauty and the Beast themed wedding, you can’t forget about red roses. Pair them with white and yellow flowers and add vintage gold accents for a touch of charm. Use gold candelabras with twinkling white candlesticks, bountiful red roses inside cloches or glass bell jars, and stacks of vintage books beneath teacups filled with blooms as centerpieces. For a beautiful and beastly contrast, put navy linens on the tables or have the groomsmen wear navy suits. As for the bride, a beautiful ballgown with stunning accents and off-the-shoulder sleeves will emulate Belle’s iconic golden gown perfectly.

Pink, white, and purple flowers on a floral print chair

Aurora’s Wedding

To design a wedding inspired by Aurora’s enchanting “once upon a dream” tale, embrace sweet blues and soft pastel pink colors. Choose flowers like delphinium, hydrangeas, lilacs, roses, peonies and sweet peas to create an look that’s elegant and whimsical. Mix rustic decorations with metallic touches to bring your guests all the way to the enchanted forest that surrounds Sleeping Beauty’s castle. For the bride, an A-line wedding dress with a soft and slowing silhouette and either a neckline that’s off-the-shoulder or bishop sleeves will highlight the natural beauty and grace of Aurora.

Hydrangeas and wedding rings

Cinderella’s Wedding

Let the magic of Fairy Godmother inspire your wedding day, whether you’re the modern Cinderella or dapper Prince Charming. Fill your venue with a sea of blue and white flowers, accompanied by shimmering gold and clear glass accents. Adorn the tables with graceful blue tulle fabric as table runners, and if you’re tying the knot in the fall, embrace the season by incorporating blue, white, and maybe some orange with pumpkins. Make a grand entrance in a horse-drawn carriage if you can afford the luxe expense. For the bride, a grand princess ballgown is the ultimate choice, complete with long gloves and a classic, elegant updo. As for the groom, a pristine beige, tan, or white tuxedo will radiate timeless sophistication.

Green and watery flowers

Ariel’s Wedding 

Get ready to explore Ariel’s under-the-sea grotto for some wedding design inspo. Start by selecting a color palette that features deep blues purples, turquoise, and greens. Use an assortment of flowers like dahlias, lilies, orchids, thistle, dianthus, iris, and even succulents to assemble cascading bridal bouquets, ceremony arrangements, centerpieces, and flower arches. Replace rhinestones with elegant pearls and incorporate a mix of metallic accents, flowing fabrics, sea glass, and vintage finds. Complete your bridal ensemble with a sparkling mermaid gown and a fun bow for your long wavy hairstyle. To channel Prince Eric’s style, the groom can wear a sophisticated blue suit complemented by a beige tie.

Experience the most enchanting moments on your special day with a magical Disney wedding. Let the talented wedding florists and designers at WKF Weddings turn your fairytale dreams into a reality, as you embark on your happily ever after.