Dopamine Decorating: How to Go All Out For Your Dream Wedding

Picture bright, cheerful colors that create warmth. Think back to the textures and patterns of your childhood. Consider the power of meaningful objects that make you smile. And here’s a fun fact – flowers are scientifically proven to boost your mood. Welcome to the world of dopamine decorating, a trend that sprouted from dopamine dressing that’s moved into the wedding space. This trend aligns nicely with biophilic design, embracing our innate connection to the natural world. It’s the perfect stage for showcasing eye-catching flower arrangements that bring forth the happiest neurotransmitters. As for help in crafting your dream wedding, look no further than WKF Weddings – the go-to florist in St. Louis, Missouri. We’re here to make your nuptials both opulent and eco-conscious, all while maintaining an air of sophistication.

Flowers hanging from ceiling

Turn Your Venue into a Flower-Filled Garden

Ready for a happiness boost? Let flowers work their magic, releasing that sweet dopamine in your brain. Start with stunning floral installations that gracefully hang from the ceiling, adding drama and luxury to the venue. Place these displays above the ceremony space, dance floor, or dining area. Keep the enchantment going with tables adorned in blooms, elegant floor arrangements, and flower accents where fitting. Think big and vibrant when it comes to the blossoms – ranunculus, gerbera daisies, and peonies will steal the spotlight.

Bride and groom wearing orange with flowers

Let Dopamine Dressing Inspire Your Fashion Choices

Wedding attire has a long history, but your wedding, your rules. Tradition doesn’t have to hold you back. If you’re the officiant, the happy couple, or part of the wedding squad, feel free to wear bright colors that spread happiness. If you’re more of a chill vibes person, no worries – you can still let a bit of boldness in. Consider accent pieces like floral accessories – think flower crowns, corsages, and boutonnieres – as they’ll blend in just right with the quieter shades that make up most of your outfit.

Mean wearing colorful boutonniere

Add Floral Accessories to Wedding Outfits

Flowers are happiness triggers, so weave them generously into your wedding outfits. Imagine lapel pieces and floral leis for the groom and his groomsmen. Visualize bridesmaids wearing eye-catching flower crowns. And for the bride, elegant floral hairpieces are a natural fit. Regarding blooms, think about dahlias, anthuriums, protea, and orchids. These blossoms come in colors that are instant mood-lifters, thanks to the magic of dopamine.

Flowers on set wedding table

Bring Treasured Vases for the Florist to Fill 

Vases are treasures in the dopamine decor world. They’re not just containers, they’re carriers of happiness – perfect for this aesthetic. Plus, they’re eco-friendly, as you can rent or reuse them, giving them another chance to shine at future events. Each vase has its own charm, pairing nicely with flowers for centerpieces, dazzling ceremony arrangements, and classy floor setups. They’re the secret ingredient that adds that special, personal twist to your decor.

Cake decorated with flowers

Cover the Cake in Your Favorite Childhood Blooms

Summon your favorite childhood flower memories and manifest them on your wedding cake. The blooms you loved back in the day will add color, beauty, and elegance. Imagine vivid, large blossoms gracefully draping down the cake layers, guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face. Roses are particularly impactful in this context; their plump, round petals are like a universal hug – everybody loves them.

Crowd throwing confetti at newlyweds

Use Colorful Flower Blossoms and Petals as Confetti 

Say goodbye to rice and confetti, and say hello to using vibrant flowers and petals for the ceremony exit. It will create a joyful pathway to your “happily ever after,” bringing the beauty of nature into your celebration. The photos will be as cheerful as they are kinetic, perfectly capturing the moment in all its glory.

Ready to turn your wedding into a dopamine-filled dream? Team up with WKF Weddings for the ultimate celebration.

Flowers for a dopamine rush wedding