Corporate Holiday Parties and Special Events: How to Celebrate with Your Employees

Hosting Christmas gatherings or holiday parties is a fantastic way to thank your team, bond with coworkers, and have a blast during the happiest time of the year. At WKF Weddings, the go-to florist in St. Louis, Missouri, we’re pros at making corporate events lively and joyful for all kinds of companies. Our expertise is in curating up a festive vibe that goes hand-in-hand with the holiday season, no matter where you’re having your event. Here are some decor tips, planned activities, and gift suggestions that will make your gathering fun and festive for everyone without emptying your wallet.

Table set for holiday dinner

Festive Tablescapes and Decor with Fresh Flowers

If you’re hosting a classy dinner or a fun party, making your venue feel inviting and full of holiday cheer from the moment folks step inside is key. Opt for flowers that go along with the holiday theme, like winter blooms dressed in the colors of the season. White and red roses, gerbera daisies, lilies, and amaryllis all look elegant with winter greenery such as pine sprigs. Focal points like flower centerpieces, fresh blooms on Christmas trees, and cheery holiday wreaths are fantastic decor pieces to make your place look amazing.

Cake decorated for holiday

Decorating the Dessert Table with Fresh Festive Flowers

When you bring nature’s touch to your dessert setup, it instantly makes things look more sophisticated. Select flowers that fit the season and fun colors to get everyone in a celebratory spirit. Put fresh blossoms on cakes, use nature-inspired containers for candies, add some seasonal green plants, and light up festive candles to give the dessert table the perfect holiday energy.

Break room decorated for holiday

Elevate the Breakroom with Holiday Cheer

If you’re planning a company party at the office, changing up the ordinary breakroom into a holiday hideaway can really invite the holiday cheer – and you don’t have to break the bank to make it fun. Use decorations that fit the season and add in plants and flowers that match the mood and spread cheer. Having a fresh Christmas tree with natural ornaments and even fresh flower accents is a must-do.

Presents wrapped in natural wrapping

Accent Gift Wrapping with Natural Accents

Taking gift wrapping up a notch is a classic part of enjoying the holidays, and it’s easy to do something elevated. Grab ribbon, string, or twine and affix garlands, cinnamon sticks, fresh flowers, leaves, twigs, and pinecones to the tops of presents for coworkers, employees, or supervisors. Keep eco-friendliness and sustainability in the front of mind, letting those natural touches really shine.

Hands making wreath at table

Floral or Wreath Design Classes the Whole Office Will Enjoy

Getting together for fun and festive activities like holiday workshops boosts everyone’s spirits and brings your team closer together, creating rituals and traditions to look forward to each year. You can hire professional floral experts to lead a hands-on wreath decorating or flower arranging session right in the office. Or head to a local florist to create holiday flower displays for your dinner tables. Don’t forget to serve drinks that match the season, both for those who like cocktails and those who prefer mocktails.

Poinsettia and present on table

Poinsettias: Gifts for Employees, Bosses, or as Festive Centerpieces

Poinsettias are the stars of the holiday plant show with their bold red leaves that last a long time. Show your gratitude by gifting poinsettia plants to your coworkers, employees, and managers. Poinsettias are also perfect for making sophisticated centerpieces at  office holiday dinners and other fun events. They’re also great for bringing a bit of holiday cheer into the workplace.

Trust the folks at WKF Weddings to make your office’s corporate holiday events full of joy, memories, and good times for all.

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