A Guide to Styling Your Wedding Cake with Fresh Flowers

Planning your wedding cake is a fun and exciting part of the wedding planning process. But how do you make it even more special? Adding fresh flowers is a great way to add a unique touch to your wedding cake while incorporating your personal style and flair. In this guide, our team of experts at Walter Knoll Florist will explore the different ways to decorate your wedding cake with fresh flowers and provide some helpful tips to make sure your cake looks beautiful on your special day. 

wedding cake with fresh flowers

The Real Deal vs. Faux Pas

While both real and fake flowers can add beauty and color to a cake, there is a clear winner when styling your wedding cake. Real flowers provide a natural appearance and scent that will make your cake look stunning and delicious. While fake flowers might be a cost-effective option, these blooms often look too artificial and detract from the beauty of your cake. However, some people opt for faux blooms when decorating cakes due to health and safety reasons. It’s true that “edible flowers” need to be specially ordered from your florist, and you should never consume real flowers unless they are confirmed to be safe for ingestion. When it comes to adding fresh florals to cakes, florists also use tactics that ensure the cake is never contaminated even if the flowers are not “edible.” Whether attaching flowers with toothpicks or wrapping the stems to keep the cake clean (or both!), oftentimes, the petals never even make contact with the icing. 

Collection of flowers on top of a wedding cake

Toppers That Take the Cake

If you are looking for unique ideas to top your wedding cake, floral cake toppers are a great option. Perfect for making a statement, whether coupled with the classic newlywed figurines or as a stand-alone cake topper, flowers certainly “take the cake.” With so many different types of flowers and designs to choose from, find one that suits your theme and style best. 

Floral Arrangements: Using the same fresh flowers that match your bouquets and centerpieces, create a miniature arrangement on the top of your wedding cake. This will create flawless cohesion and the idea that your cake is not only a decadent dessert but a piece of decor as well. 

Flowers and Sweets: An artistic collection of colorful berries or small treats like macarons are popular cake toppers, especially if you have a sweet tooth. Arrange fresh florals as accents or among the sweets for a delightful touch with a cherry on top!

Floral Sprigs: If you want to include a classic cake topper in addition to fresh blooms, place a few sprigs of small flowers, like baby’s breath or pansies, around the edges of the cake. This will ensure the top of your cake still looks elegant and not too busy or distracting. 

beautiful wedding cake, wedding decoration

Fresh and Fancy Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes are a beautiful focal point of your special day. To make your cake look even more stunning, why not dress it to the nines with fancy flowers? Adding a grand assembly of blooms to your cake will certainly make a statement. From cascading patterns to adorning each tier, your wedding cake will come to life. 

A beautiful white wedding cake with flowers

Modern Minimalist Wedding Cakes

Minimalist wedding cakes are the perfect way to celebrate your nuptials in a lovely way. With their modern, clean lines, and minimal decor, a few touches of fresh blooms will elevate your wedding cake without losing the integrity of your minimalist style. Whether you choose a monochromatic design or a hint of bright and cheerful tones, these simple florals add an effortless accent. 

Naked wedding cake with fresh roses

Nothing But Naked Wedding Cakes

Naked wedding cakes adorned with fresh flowers are becoming increasingly popular among couples looking to create a natural or rustic wedding day. These cakes are light, airy, and flavorful as an alternative to traditional fondant. By leaving the icing off a traditional wedding cake, couples can create a stunning display of cascading roses, sprays of orchids, or other fresh flowers that truly stand out.  With the help of a talented baker and local florist, you can create a naked wedding cake that is a captivating work of art.

Vintage Wedding Glaced Semi Naked Cake Gold Yellow Blue Dryed Flowers Candle Holder Boho Chic Lollipop on Wooden Box

Totally Trendy Wildflower Cakes

The trendy wildflower wedding cake is an incredibly unique and nature-inspired element for any wedding day. As buttercream icing cascades down the sides and pastel flower varieties that are pressed into the icing, your guests will marvel over this colorful creation. For couples looking to go off the beaten path, wildflower cakes are a great way to personalize your big day. 

Wedding cake floral is a charming and creative avenue couples can take to fill their day with Mother Nature’s greatest gifts. Since wedding cakes are a focal point for any reception, consulting with a florist, like Walter Knoll Florist, is always great. This ensures your wedding cake can act as a piece of art and décor that matches the rest of your floral designs, such as bouquets, centerpieces, and accent arrangements. Talking to your wedding florist about your cake is also crucial to confirm that the blooms utilized are safe to consume or use for cake decorating.  

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