Your Guide to Pairing the Perfect Bouquet to Your Dream Wedding Dress

Wedding planning is full of choices, especially when it comes to flowers. However, once you have selected a few key blooms, it can become easier to make choices on other wedding details. For example, ensuring all of your wedding flowers match or harmonize will create a well-thought-out, put-together, and cohesive look. Utilizing similar flower combinations, colors, and shapes in your bouquets, centerpieces, and additional floral decor is the best way to ensure all of your wedding blooms coordinate and complement each other.

The flowers and shape you choose for your bridal bouquet can also influence your wedding dress. Since you will be carrying these blooms down the aisle or holding them in photographs, you can think of your bouquet as an accessory to your entire wedding day outfit. With that in mind, you will want to ensure your bouquet enhances your look, from your hair all the way down to your shoes.

No matter which style of dress, from mermaid or ballgown to tea length or pantsuit, there is a wedding bouquet to match. If you’re wondering how to pair your wedding outfit and bouquet or how to select the right flowers to go with your dress, the experts at Walter Knoll Florist Weddings are here to guide you. Find your favorite dress style below and learn which flawless bouquet style and blooms are the perfect match.

Wedding rings bride and groom with bridal bouquet flowers white peonies. Two beautiful golden wedding rings. Men's wedding ring with ornament. Women's ring with stones.

A-Line or Empire Waist

Nothing says elegant and sophisticated like an A-line or empire waist dress paired with a perfect round bouquet. The symmetrical spherical features provide a nice contrast to the iconic flowy fabrics of these dress styles. With soft blooms as an accent, including ranunculus and peonies, the eye is drawn to the gown’s stunning angles and lines. Whether you opt for bold and vibrant statement hues or romantic pastels, this march creates a well-put-together look.

Wedding flower hoop

Modified A-Line or Drop Waist

If a modified A-line or drop waist dress is more your style, then perhaps you have a modern aesthetic that calls for something fresh and trendy. Quickly rising in popularity but still not your typical bridal bouquet is a floral hoop — and this is a wonderful floral accessory to finish off your wedding day outfit. Floral hoops feature brass, gold, or silver hoops adorned with your favorite wedding flowers and greenery. If you’re drawn to the idea of eye-catching blooms, we suggest tropicals like cyclamen and orchids with colors that will shine almost as bright as you.

Romantic and beautiful caucasian woman in wedding dress holding a big fresh bouquet of flowers in her hands. Young modern bride outdoor portrait.

Ball Gown or Princess

Classic, traditional, and never going out-of-style are ball gowns and princess wedding dresses. These gowns are all about going big! So, there is nothing more fitting for these dress styles than crescent or cascading bouquets. A crescent-shaped bouquet features an arched arrangement of fresh blooms that can be personalized and positioned to reflect your uniqueness. Cascading bouquets are equally show-stopping and feature a waterfall effect with lush and luxurious wedding flowers and greenery, such as hydrangeas, dahlias, and snapdragons.

Trumpet or Mermaid

Long and sleek trumpet and mermaid dresses often make you appear taller and include a little flair at the bottom to balance your frame. Long-stem or cascading bouquets are two exceptional choices for these styles, as they will flawlessly complement the long silhouette of the ensemble. Beautiful blooms that one can consider to match a trumpet or mermaid dress are fabulous king protea, calla lilies, and tulips. With their stems elongating the bouquet, their alluring blooms will certainly lead the eye up to the main event.

Beautiful modern wedding bouquet in the hands of the bride. black and white color scheme

Column or Sheath

An understated yet extremely elegant column or sheath wedding dress is the perfect opportunity for a whimsical bouquet, whether you choose something large like a semi-crescent/freeform bouquet or something modest such as a nosegay bouquet. While a semi-crescent bouquet features organic shapes, various textures, and a fierce look, nosegay bouquets are more fitting for a minimalist style since they are more petite. Both bouquets have an effortless and natural appearance with a collection of fresh greenery and wedding blooms like eucalyptus, blue thistle, anemones, and roses. We can’t think of anything better for a free-spirited or boho bride.

Protea wedding bouquet statement

Pantsuit or Trousers

If you are confident, bold, and strong, perhaps you will choose to wear a polished pantsuit or glamorous trousers. For the modern bride who enjoys breaking barriers and pushing the limit, a statement bouquet with extraordinary and impressive wedding flowers, like king protea, sunflowers, and hibiscus, will fit the bill. With a contemporary outfit, these oversized, bold blooms with vivid hues will certainly be a powerful choice in the best way possible.

Small wedding bouquet

Tea-Length Attire

Tea-length wedding dresses, shorts, and skirts are fun, cute, and flirty wedding-day ensembles that enhance a quirky or sweet aesthetic. A hand-tied posy bouquet is the idyllic finishing touch for these wedding outfits. Great for the not-too-fussy bride, hand-tie posy bouquets are simple, compact, and undoubtedly adorable. Better yet, the list of flowers that will fit this type of bouquet is quite extensive and sure to include your favorites, whether that be vibrant gerbera daisies, delicate anemones, soft spray roses, or intricate ranunculus.

Lovely, colorful, and attractive wedding bouquets solidify the overall theme, look, and feel of your day and tie together your exceptional wedding day outfit. When pairing your bouquet and flowers with your dress, keep in mind your unique taste and personality, so you feel beautiful, confident, and yourself on your big day. No matter what your style is, Walter Knoll Florist Weddings is sure to create a stunning bouquet to elevate your attire with ease.