New Year Engagements and Weddings

new yearStatistically speaking, more couples get engaged over the holidays than any other time of the year. That means that many newly engaged couples will enter 2016 with wedding day planning on their minds. Considering this, Walter Knoll Florist would like to offer some suggestions for “New Year Resolutions” that we suggest the bride and groom-to-be keep in mind.


  • Remember that this is a celebration, not a performance. Don’t sweat the small setbacks, and instead remember to have fun and enjoy this exciting time of life.
  • There is nothing set in stone. If you don’t like formal affairs, plan something more your style. If you hate high heels, wear ballet slippers or sneakers. If you want an ice cream sundae bar instead of a wedding cake, that’s completely up to you.
  • Experts are more than happy to share the hottest colors and trends in wedding planning. But if you don’t like them, pick whatever you like. It’s your day.
  • Don’t get too many opinions – everyone has one, and can cause you to get distracted. Decide on what you want, and don’t worry about how someone else would plan your wedding.
  • The diversity of flowers allows you to be innovative. From traditional roses to the creative use of succulents and greens, your bouquets and centerpieces can be as unique as you are.
  • Above all, do enlist the help of the experts who can get to know you, and give you ideas that will jump-start your imagination.


The professional florists at Walter Knoll Florist would be honored to help you to choose the bridal bouquets and floral arrangements that will best bring your vision of the perfect wedding to life. Whether you want a trendy vintage wedding with this season’s top colors (Quartz Rose and Serenity Blue); or a quirky nuptial ceremony that expresses your personal vibrant flair, Walter Knoll Florist has the perfect flowers and décor for you. Call us or drop by one of our St. Louis locations today.