Sophisticated Tips for Bringing the Tropics to Your Wedding

Your wedding day is all about celebrating and making unforgettable memories with the person you’ll spend the rest of your life with. Whether you’ve always dreamed of a tropical beach wedding or are planning to tie the knot during the summer, you can create a lush oasis at your chosen venue with the beauty of fresh flowers. For added drama, select stunning tropical blooms for your floral arrangements. Their vivid colors, unique shapes, and sweet fragrances will bring elegance to your big day. Let the talented flower experts at WKF Weddings in St. Louis, Missouri create a custom floral experience that fills your celebration with coastal vibes, bright sunlight, and the vibrant energy of the jungle.

Tropical flower arrangement on chair

Tropical Flowers to Include in Wedding Arrangements

Orchids, anthuriums, hibiscus, proteas, and birds of paradise are striking flowers that can make an impressive visual impact. You can mix and match them to create a stunning bouquet or opt for a statement flower surrounded by complementary blooms. Whether you choose an assortment of colors or a bouquet with contrasting textures and shapes, these eye-catching arrangements will undoubtedly become a beautiful focal point that perfectly complements your wedding theme, venue, and attire.

Man and woman wearing flower leis at wedding

Vibrant Elegance On the Beach for Hawaii-Style Weddings 

When exchanging vows on the beach, go all out with a grand wedding arch decorated with tropical blossoms. This impressive display will elevate the ambiance and bring beauty to your surroundings. Plumeria and orchids are often featured in Hawaiian-style weddings, conveying tranquility and elegance in a wide range of colors. For a Hawaiian wedding celebration, it’s essential to include wearable floral attire such as Haku leis. These blooms will blend harmoniously with the landscape, highlighting the splendor of nature as they grace each person’s outfit.

Asymmetrical wedding arch with flowers

Select Color Palettes with Tropical Energy and Festive Caribbean Vibes

Caribbean weddings are known for their festive atmosphere, setting them apart from buttoned-up Hawaiian weddings. In this region, vibrant blooms such as bird of paradise and heliconia steal the spotlight. The height of these tropical flowers naturally directs attention upwards, making them ideal for asymmetrical arch arrangements with a sweeping movement. To enhance the visual impact, utilize the horizontal space to add fullness and depth. Complete the floral tableau by incorporating monstera leaves as greenery.

Blue and white orchid bouquet

Simple and Modern Indoor Weddings

Indoor weddings featuring a modern style can be enhanced with simple flower garlands. Or you can go with minimalist centerpieces with tropical blooms and accompanying accent arrangements. Create a paradise-like atmosphere by choosing a color palette that showcases a tropical shade. For example, consider blue orchids with eucalyptus and green accents arranged in a vibrant bouquet. Alternatively, you can match your wedding decor to the stunning and multicolored bird of paradise, emphasizing its natural beauty.

Tropical fruit and flower spread

Draw Inspiration From Art Deco Aesthetics

Art Deco style complements orchid plants, tropical blossoms, and bold colors. Incorporate sunburst and triangle shapes using rich hues like emerald green, coral pink, and deep blue to lean into this aesthetic. Triangular shapes can be showcased through vases and cascading floral arrangements; sunburst motifs can be created by arranging flowers in a radial pattern or incorporating flowers with sunburst-like forms.

Tropical flowers floating in pool

Floating Flower Arrangements for Poolside Wedding Events

Elevate your wedding decor with chic floating flower arrangements. These custom bouquets are ideal for poolside rehearsal dinners at destination beach weddings and bring in a luxe lagoon feel. Enhance the visual impact of these floating florals by incorporating striking red anthuriums, featuring their distinctive heart-shaped blooms. The glossy texture of the flowers will beautifully reflect the light off of the water, creating an elegant ambiance. Complete the picture with complementary floating petals for a truly stylish touch.

Whether you have minimalist aesthetics or want a beachy wedding reminiscent of Hawaii or the Caribbean, tropical flowers are perfect for your arrangements. Entrust the expert team at WKF Weddings in St. Louis, Missouri to bring your vision to life.

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