How to Use Greenery in Your Wedding

While brightly colored flowers have always been a traditional part of most wedding decor, they aren’t the only way to accent your big day. “Going green” isn’t just a way to be friendly to the planet; it’s also a beautiful way to decorate a wedding venue. Consider changing things up at your wedding by using greenery and foliage in your theme, design and decor. Here are some tips and ideas to get you started:
Greenery Ideas

What types of greenery are best for giving your wedding a lush, elegant look? Consider using ivy, mint, rosemary or ferns in addition to plants with more defined leaves. Planning a winter wedding? Evergreen tree fronds with pinecones, holly leaves accented with red berries, and a couple of sprigs of mistletoe can be a beautiful, artistic way to decorate your ceremony and reception.

green wedding
Place Settings

Use subtle green touches in unexpected places like place settings and napkin holders.

green wedding
Your Ceremony Venue Backdrop

Set the tone with some hanging greenery or potted plants as part of a backdrop behind where you and your beloved will be taking your vows. Ivy and evergreen can be particularly beautiful for this look, but any foliage that can be hung, attached or draped to a backdrop area can work. A cloth sheet hung indoors is a possible place to attach greenery, but a wooden arch or trellis can be a beautiful and effective framework either indoors or outdoors.

green wedding

Pillars and Corners

Consider accenting pillars and/or corners in your ceremony or reception venues with greenery as well. This simple flourish can add an elegant feel to any room.

Chair Backs

If you’re using plain white chairs as your seating for an outdoor wedding, consider accenting the backs with a bit of greenery to enhance their look. You can also decorate the sides of church pews with greenery for an indoor wedding ceremony.

green wedding
A Bohemian Bridal Crown

If you want to green up a boho wedding theme, depart from the traditional flowered headpiece or tiara and create an all-green crown instead. A more ornate ivy crown is one option, but you can also opt for a more simple, minimal and sleek look for your bridal crown.

Using greenery as an alternative to flowers in your wedding decor can make a beautiful statement that’s a refreshing departure from tradition. Use these wedding foliage and greenery decor ideas to add unique elegance to your special day. Contact Walter Knoll Florist for more wedding ideas and inspiration.