Orchid Bouquets and Wedding Details

orchid bouquets

Orchids represent love, luxury and beauty, which make them the perfect floral ambassador for your wedding day. Sought after for their rare looks and sophistication, the flower is often utilized in orchid bouquets and other elements of the wedding ceremony and reception. Orchids add grace and elegance to every aspect of the celebration; they can create a delicate hairpin, a lavish cascading bridal bouquet, or an exotic cake decoration. If you are planning a wedding in Saint Louis or Valley Park, the floral designers at Walter Knoll Florist would love to educate you as to the many varieties and array of colors of the amazing orchid.

orchid bouquets

Cymbidium orchids offer many unique aesthetics Рthey most often occur in a primarily solid blossom with a contrasting color pattern in the center of the flower. Green cymbidiums are a popular trending flower for orchid bouquets because of their exquisite green color and absolute versatility in blending with many other flowers.  Striking on their own merit, they are also beautifully paired with whites and creams, pinks and purples; as well as with succulents. Roses, lilies and hydrangea are all beautiful pairings with the orchid.


Aside from orchid bouquets, the flower is so artistic in presentation that it makes for lovely corsages, boutonnieres, place setting details and cake decor even as a single blossom. Phalaenopsis orchids, with their large, “winglike” petals are lavish and romantic; while the dendrobium variety exhibits more delicate flowers often used in large groupings for centerpieces and venue decor.

Every bride can incorporate this most luxurious of blooms into her wedding flowers. With so many varieties and colors, they fit easily into any color scheme and thematic style. Should budget be an issue, our expert wedding designer can suggest ways to use the orchid as a featured – yet not exclusive – flower. For instance, the bride may wish to utilize orchids for her personal flowers, but design her bridesmaid bouquets with a complimentary bloom.

Whatever the dream for your wedding, Walter Knoll Florist will work with you to ensure that you love your wedding flowers.

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