Tips for Choosing a Beautiful and Affordable Wedding Venue

Choosing a wedding venue is an important aspect of wedding planning. In fact, it can often be one of the first decisions you make, the one from which all other decisions are determined. But if, like many couples, you are working from a strict wedding budget, you may not be interested in paying a lot of money for the venue itself.

Where you choose to have your wedding will play an important role in all of your plans. For instance, once you have the venue you can discuss flower and food delivery with your florist and caterer, the photographer can plan her shoot and so on. For that reason, the wedding experts at Walter Knoll Weddings have created a go-to list of the different categories of venue options. Take a look and make sure you’re happy with where you’ll be taking your vows as you move forward with your wedding plans!

Private Club Venues: If your family belongs to a local country, golf or yacht club, you might find this to be a viable option, or at least one that makes sense for you. Beautiful grounds, sufficient space for your reception, plus decorating, catering and entertainment could be included in one price. Be sure to check on this before booking your event, and still do some price comparisons.

Rustic indoor wedding ceremony setup

Traditional Church Venues: Of course, the most traditional of weddings are held in churches, and many offer on-site facilities for your reception as well. While the cost of renting a church sanctuary and/or reception hall may be reduced, keep in mind that most will not permit alcohol on the premises. Many churches often have policies against renting their facility to non-members, so be sure to look into this option early.


Outdoor Venues: Often parks owned by the city are a beautiful, inexpensive way to profess your love for one another while enjoying a gorgeous setting. The Missouri Botanical Garden in downtown St. Louis is an excellent example of a beautiful setting at an affordable price. Likewise, the Bissel Wedding Garden is designed for wedding events and will provide a gorgeous setting for next-to-nothing. This leaves plenty of room in your budget for other aspects, like flowers, food and drinks, and entertainment.

Outdoor bridal party


Your Own Backyard: If possible, the most affordable and memorable venue you could choose is your very own backyard (or that of a close friend or relative)! If you have the space, this option provides the most memories and offers tons of personalization. You can begin decorating well in advance, and any costs associated with sprucing up your yard for the wedding become an investment in your home.

Outdoor floral wedding decor

Choosing your wedding venue is not a small decision, but it can definitely be the most creative one you make. When you opt for simplicity and creativity over price, you free up room in your wedding budget for other expenses and give your guests a taste of your creative style and spirit. For help finding the perfect venue for your upcoming wedding, share your thoughts about your wedding with the professionals at Walter Knoll Weddings. We’ll be happy to share with you some of our favorite venues, most picturesque scenes and best areas to suit your dreams for the perfect wedding.