How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Bouquet Flowers

Of all the things you include in your wedding, the flowers you choose can often carry the most meaning. The Victorian era ushered in an emphasis on the meanings of different varieties and colors of flowers. This significance is often still observed today. However, there are plenty of other reasons to choose particular flowers over others. You might consider which flowers are in season during your wedding month, or which will be too expensive during that time of year. Some brides choose to emulate what those before them have used in their wedding bouquets as a tribute. You might even think about including non-floral items in your bouquet. With so many options and choices, the floral experts at Walter Knoll Weddings hope to help you think about the why behind your what by giving you some reasons to choose- or not choose- certain flowers for your special day.

Choosing Wedding Flowers Because of Their Symbolism

Many popular wedding flowers carry special meanings with them. If you have a specific sentiment you want to display during your wedding, consider choosing a flower that represents meaningful ideals like loyalty, wisdom, hope or prosperity. Likewise, you can discover the meaning behind your favorite flower by checking out an extensive list of meanings like this one to help you know what your favorite flowers say about you and your intended.

Why Certain Flowers Are Chosen (or Not)

There are some flowers out there that might not make the best addition to your bridal bouquet or other floral wedding decor, so be sure to do a little research before making your final decision. Certain varieties, like gardenias or peonies, are absolutely beautiful and fragrant, but are so short-lived and pricey that you may want to keep looking. Other varieties may simply be out of season during the time you plan to wed, and therefore will be hard-to-find or expensive-to-import. However, some brides choose to follow the choices of those they admire. For instance, Lily of the Valley is not only the traditional wedding flower, it’s also the chosen flower of royalty. Kate Middleton, Grace Kelly, Queen Victoria and Princess Astrid of Sweden all included Lily of the Valley in their wedding bouquets. In a similar nod to tradition, you might choose to carry the same flowers your mother or grandmother carried in her wedding bouquet.

Other Items to Include in your Wedding Bouquet

Throughout history, brides have included various non-floral items in their bouquets to fulfill numerous purposes. Ancient Roman and Greek brides carried garlic to ward off evil spirits. In Poland, brides dust their bouquets with sugar to sweeten their marriage. In England, brides carry any number of herbs or grains, like rosemary, lavender or wheat to symbolize abundance. Currently, personalized mementos like monogrammed ribbons, heirloom lockets or special jewels or stones in the wedding bouquet are trending with modern brides. Feel free to add more than flowers to your bridal arrangement to make it even more meaningful to you.

While there are many rules associated with wedding flowers, deciding which rules to follow is totally up to you. Making meaningful additions to your wedding flowers and decor can be accomplished in many different ways, so make sure you choose details, flowers and accents that matter to you and your partner. For more ideas or help narrowing down the choices, talk to the wedding professionals at Walter Knoll Weddings. We’re here to help you create the wedding day of your dreams, right down to every last meaningful detail.