Consider These Unique Wedding Venues for a Uniquely Beautiful Wedding

Choosing a wedding venue should be a fun, exciting piece of your wedding planning adventure. While traditional venues include churches or synagogues, or your family’s backyard, these days many couples are choosing to infuse a bit of their own personalities and passions into the setting where they’ll declare their love for one another. At Walter Knoll Weddings, we hope to help you and your partner choose the perfect setting for your wedding that reflects your life together beautifully. Here are a few of our favorite options.


Nature & Animal-Lovers

For couples who love the great outdoors, or those who abide there, there are tons of great natural settings for your wedding. For example, a forest setting can bring nature to the forefront of your big day. For an extra special touch, create a magical juxtaposition like a snowy forest in winter with bare branches and a white faux-fur wrap with your dress. Some other types of nature or animal-related venues might include local parks, zoos, aquariums, beaches, or farms.


For the adventure-seeking, there’s always something waiting just around the next bend. Invite your wedding guests to join you as you give them a taste of the excitement you love. For example, if you love hiking, consider saying your vows on a mountaintop. Show guests what you love most about hiking and camping when you stage your wedding atop a nearby mountain. Majestic views and scenic walks await, not to mention amazingly creative photographs to last a lifetime and beyond. Depending on your favorite type of adventure, you might also choose a waterfall backdrop, your favorite sports team’s field or court, or even a treehouse (yes, this is becoming a thing and they’re awesome!).

Jet-Set Travelers

Those who love to travel know that even the mode of transportation can be exciting. Include the idea of traveling in your wedding environment when you host your ceremony or reception in an airplane hanger. Transform an airplane hanger into whatever you like when you utilize the open space effectively. Have a few old propeller planes as backdrop for your photos and create a vintage Casablanca vibe. You could also choose an historic train station or even a wooden sailboat to set the scene for your travel-themed wedding.


If you and your partner are the trail-blazers of your group, you’ll likely be drawn to the newest, most trendy locales. Set the stage for all your friends when you host a wedding in the freshest hot spot like a remodeled theater. Many towns, big and small, have movie or stage theaters that are becoming a thing of the past. These stylish throw-backs actually make a fabulous spot for a wedding ceremony- you can even have your name in lights on the marquis outside! A few other trendy spots that will make a fabulous wedding venue include city rooftops, nightclubs, antique or vintage shops or even old movie theaters!

History Buffs

For couples who relish the past, find historical sites in or near you that can serve as a beautiful location and offer a little education for your guests, as well. Plus, if the venue has personal historical value for the two of you (for example, it was the site of your first date or where you got engaged), this idea will be even more special for you. One example of this is an historic or memorable museum. Whether you opt for a local art museum, history museum or children’s museum, the aesthetics are likely already built into your setting. Museums are accustomed to hosting large groups for events. See if yours might even give tours or open sections of their collection for wedding guests during cocktail hour. You can also look into historic buildings that reflect the history of your region, a college or university campus, or even local historic libraries!

No matter where you choose to host your wedding ceremony and reception, the setting can and should reflect your mutual love for your surroundings. Your passions and common interests are part of what brought you together, so why not include that element in your special day? The wedding professionals at Walter Knoll Florist are happy to help you discover the perfect place for yourself. Talk to us about your hopes and dreams and let us suggest some amazing locales for your wedding day.