Elegant Wedding Flowers You Can Afford

Planning a wedding on a budget is no joke, but it definitely doesn’t have to be difficult, either. Sticking to your guns when it comes to prices can often mean getting to exercise your creative muscles. When it comes to your floral choices, the wedding professionals at Walter Knoll Weddings have plenty of great ideas about how to help you choose less expensive flowers, create fun designs with the flowers you do use, and how to plan your wedding’s time and place for optimal savings. Take a look at some of our favorite money-saving ideas and tips, then enjoy the planning process for a fabulous wedding!

Choose Inexpensive Varieties

While there are many varieties of flowers out there, including those associated with weddings, not all flowers are created equal- meaning the costs vary as much as the blooms themselves. Choosing less expensive flowers is a smart way to add tons of lush decor to your wedding scene without costing an arm and a leg. For example, cheerful flowers like daisies and sunflowers make great statement pieces at any wedding. The sweetness and joy these happy blooms bring will put everyone in a wedding frame of mind right away. Another great way to save is with small blooms like baby’s breath, Queen Anne’s Lace, or waxflower. Traditionally known as “filler flowers,” these lacy beauties are trending right now as a great option for overall decor.

Choose a Creative Style

They say it’s not what you say, it’s the way that you say it. So, say it with flowers and show off your creativity with the way you include them in your special day. For example, instead of expensive roses or peonies, choose bright, frilly carnations in the same shade to create a gorgeous cascade of color over the wedding altar. Use fewer flowers and greenery when you palace them atop a gauzy fabric runner for table garlands or hanging installations. Go with a minimalist approach by placing one simple bloom in a slim vase at each place setting instead of a huge centerpiece at each table. Finally, consider rounding out the majority of your decor with greenery instead of actual blooms, while keeping the pops of color from flowers to a minimum.

Choose Your Timing

A little strategic planning when you choose your wedding venue and date can mean a lot of savings for your budget. For example, holiday weddings are a great way to take advantage of holiday decor in churches, gardens, museums, and other wedding venues. Likewise, an outdoor wedding in a botanical garden, local park, or beach can provide a lot of decor naturally, leaving room in your budget for that stunning bouquet you’ve been eyeing. Choosing flowers that are in season and local will lower the cost of those blooms significantly. Take advantage of basic supply and demand with a little up-front research so you know which flowers will be most available during your wedding season.

Making your dream wedding happen doesn’t have to cost everything you have. By making a few key decisions early and thinking creatively, a lot of costs can be cut while still making a beautiful day for everyone. For more great ideas about how to shave some of your wedding flower budget, talk to the experts at Walter Knoll Weddings. We have plenty of experience designing creative and budget-friendly weddings. We’ll be happy to show you some of our best tips and tricks for saving money while designing a wedding you’ll love.