Choose Quality Over Quantity for Your Small Wedding

These days, many couples are foregoing the oversized mega-wedding for a smaller, more intimate setting. Whether due to health concerns, travel constraints or just wanting to celebrate in a more authentic way, couples who choose to keep numbers small will find that they get to splurge on other aspects of their wedding, like the venue, or personalize more of the details and decor to align with their tastes. The wedding experts at Walter Knoll Weddings encourage you to explore the bright side of a smaller wedding and consider the benefits to all involved.

Unique Venues

Unlike larger venues, which require the ability and capacity to include lots of people, small venues can be far more personalized and intimate. A hike to a mountaintop, a small room in your favorite museum, or even a day on a boat suddenly become possible ceremony sites when you are only considering include a few close friends and relatives. Destination weddings are also much easier to accomplish with fewer people to accommodate. Consider making the trip a full-blown weekend celebration you won’t forget with your nearest and dearest. When you downsize the crowd, you start to see loads of opportunities begin to open up for you.

Personalized Details

Family BW photos

There are many details that must be foregone when planning a larger wedding. For example, personalized wedding invitations must be replaced with standard print versions when dealing with a larger guest list. Specialized dishes and flatware- even family heirlooms- are set aside to make room for the caterer’s basic white, and customized seating is usually set aside for the traditional two sections with an aisle in between. But with fewer people on the guest list, so much creativity can be put into the details that you’ll find your wedding far more personal and specific to you and your partner. Guests can take turns toasting you, you can get photos with every individual in attendance, the menu will match your first date, and the cocktails will include your dad’s favorite version of an old fashioned. Details matter, and with a small wedding, you can include far more of them.

More Elaborate Decor

Wedding Table Arrangement

A smaller venue and fewer people at your wedding might mean more elaborate decor. Consider a floral wall as a backdrop to your ceremony or reception (or both!), a dramatic floral installation, or simply including your favorite out-of-season blooms in your bouquet, simply because it’s worth the cost. Unusual elements like hanging centerpieces, a floral swing for photo ops, or edible flowers adorning salads, drinks and dessert are all possible when more of your wedding budget can be allocated to these things. Let your mind roam wild with possibilities when you choose to create a small wedding.

There is no end to the possibilities that await when you choose to host a small wedding. The attention to detail and creativity skyrocket when you are only considering a handful of guests, so start thinking outside the box! Talk to the wedding professionals at Walter Knoll Weddings about the small weddings we’ve designed. We’ll be happy to share our ideas, thoughts and experience with you as you plan for your most special day.