Stargazer Lilies at Your Wedding


As spring approaches, engaged couples are busily tending to wedding details. No wedding would be complete without flowers. The flowers you choose for your ceremony space, wedding and bridal party bouquets, and reception areas are as important as the wedding dress, venue, or other decorative features. Here at Walter Knoll Flowers, everyone is eager to help couples choose flower varieties and colors that are best suited to their wedding theme. Flowers are so important to the entire wedding experience.

Lilies have represented a symbol of innocence for centuries, starting with Ancient Greek and Roman Civilizations. The theme re-emerged in Biblical times. It isn’t surprising that a newcomer like the Stargazer lily would retain some of that historical symbolism while acquiring new meanings that reflect modern ideologies.

We believe that Stargazer lilies deserve a place of honor in wedding floral arrangements. We’ve come up with some ideas to show you how we’ve used them in wedding flower designs. Perhaps these examples will give you some ideas about ways we can create bouquets or arrangements that will elevate the atmosphere of your wedding to a level that exceeds your wildest expectations.

Don’t Forget the Band Area

Your wedding doesn’t end after the ceremony and a meal. Most couples look forward to that special first dance. The real celebrating often begins after the first dance because it inspires your guests to hit the dance floor. If you’re lucky enough to have a live band, you don’t want to ignore stage where the band plays. Stage decorations will dress up that area, making it stand out, as it should. Stargazer lilies are ideal for the band’s stage. These large flowers don’t work well in small areas because they overpower smaller flowers in the design.

A Bold Statement in the Ceremony Area

Stargazer lilies add a ton of drama and are an ideal choice for the ceremony stage or alter. Their size and color pack a punch that really delivers on elegance in the area where you share our vows. You can also place arrangements at the beginning or end of the aisles, or on the stage. If you want to use large arrangements on the floor, classic urns will work very well.