Tall Wedding Centerpieces

wedding centerpiecesIf you are one of the thousands of area couples planning for a 2016 wedding, we know it can seem a bit overwhelming. At Walter Knoll Florists, we love helping Saint Louis brides and grooms to choose all the floral bouquets and arrangements that will make their day special – and we will walk you through it, flower by flower.


Once you choose your venue and color scheme, come in and tell us your vision for the flowers and décor. Will your ceremony be formal, or rustic? Will the reception be black tie, or do you want your guests to relax and let loose? These types of questions will allow Walter Knoll to make recommendations as to varieties of flowers that will make your dream wedding come to life.


This year, one of the floral designs that is popular is the high centerpiece. This floral arrangement utilizes tall vases or containers to elevate the table bouquet off of the table; and often further utilizes long stalks of flowers and organic elements (such as twigs or grasses) to add to the height and stature of these arrangements. This trend is unique in that although the tall centerpiece is popular, within that category is a wide range of possibilities.

wedding centerpieces


For instance, both of these weddings showcased tall centerpieces, and both evoked a vintage feeling from the past. But the similarities end there, as one wedding featured fun polka dot tablecloths and white lilies with black feathers; while the second was a rhapsody in blue, with a blue hydrangea and cohesive accents throughout.


Your wedding is your wedding, so although keeping up with the trends is fun, remember the choices are all yours! At Walter Knoll Florist, we will work with you to create bouquets and centerpieces that truly reflect your personality and style. Stop into one of our St, Louis flower shops today, and let’s discuss how the perfect arrangements will make your day uniquely personal.