Walter Knoll- Strange Wedding Traditions

wedding traditionsWeddings are known to be one of the most memorable occasions of someone’s life. From the method of proposal, to the first kiss to the cutting of the cake – traditions and rituals permeate these ceremonies; and many of our standard traditions actually have quite interesting origins.

Wedding showers were first celebrated as not much of a celebration at all. When the bride was marrying outside of her parent’s approval, the father would often refuse to pay the customary dowry. (A dowry being money or property transferred from the father of the bride to the couple on their wedding day.) This dowry was meant to give them a good start to their life together. So when the marriage was not given her parents blessing – and the dowry withheld – the bride’s friends would “shower” her with money and gifts, to replace the dowry.

While white is thought to be the color of maidenhood, and thus appropriate to wear on one’s wedding day, the tradition of wearing white actually began under different circumstances. Until the 16th century, brides wore their very best dress to be married in, regardless of color. Members of royal families wore silver; that is until Queen Victoria decided to go against royal tradition and wear white. The color caught on, and eventually became the most popular color to wear on a wedding day. Incidentally, a few traditions do remain from early history – it is still considered gauche to wear the same color as the bride – whether white or another color – as she is meant to stand out.

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