Walter Knoll Florists Mother's Roles in a Wedding

mother of the brideTimes change trends change and culture changes. But what never seems to change is the bond between a mother and daughter. As a bride-to-be heads for her wedding day, there are hundreds of details that need to be addressed – usually too many for even the best multitasking organizer among us. For many couples, the natural person to help ease the stress is Mom. After all, she has been by your side through your entire life.

Mothers need to breathe deeply and accept that although they will want to jump in and do everything, it will be up to the bride to decide the level of involvement. There are many traditional roles that the mother-of-the-bride would customarily fill, but an honest talk with the bride will help to set expectations and set you all up for success.

What are the activities that Mom can take on to help out her daughter?

Discuss the budget with the couple before anything else. This will set the limits on venues, guests and extras. If planning to pay for all or part of the wedding, that number should be clear and definite.

Go dress shopping with the bride; provide support and feedback, but refrain from being too combative if you don’t agree on the “perfect dress.” Remember it is her special day.

Research family traditions and heirlooms on both sides; this will help the bride especially if she wants to employ “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”

Help to compile the guest list by whittling down to necessary numbers, and coordinate with the groom’s family to do the same. Mom can also send out the invitations and manage the responses.

Keep open communication with vendors such as caterers, photographers, and Walter Knoll Florist to finalize details and relay messages to the couple.

When planning a St. Louis area wedding, hundreds of couples have trusted Walter Knoll Florists to provide the bouquets, centerpieces and altar flowers you’ll need to make your day amazing. Give us a call today to get the planning started – and don’t forget to bring Mom!