Floral Wedding Planning: One on One

floral wedding planningWe live in an age of online everything – no matter what we need and what we are looking for, it seems “there is an app for that.”. And while mobile applications and online planners have made our lives easier in so many ways, there are some situations that the import of the occasion still deserves a face-to-face relationship and a meaningful discussion. At Walter Knoll Florists, we believe your wedding is one of those times.

Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life, and your wedding flowers are one of the most visible and admired elements of the day. Truth be told, your flowers go a long way to setting the ambiance and atmosphere of your entire event; from the petals in flower girls basket to the altar flowers; from your bouquets to the centerpieces at your reception. You’ve been dreaming of this day for a long time, and your floral arrangements play a critical role in setting the mood.

The wedding planners and designers at Walter Knoll Florist know one thing for sure – nothing can take the place of talking to a professional face-to-face. Armed with photos from Pinterest and bridal websites, brides know the look they are going for- however it is difficult to price shop a florist by sending a list of your desires. The reason is simple. The flowers that you are set on may not be in season in Saint Louis on the day of the wedding, making them too costly to obtain. We also understand how important it is to maintain your budget while still achieving your vision of the perfect day. This is where the expert floral designers at Walter Knoll come in – our expert knowledge base allows us to make suggestions based on your desires; perhaps your flowers won’t do well in the heat, or maybe the designer knows of a more cost effective bloom that is just as lovely. The value of discussing flower needs with a floral professional will allow you to see and compare real flowers, not just photographs. You can try different floral combinations, and the designer can show you artistic and creative ways that are beautifully one of a kind! You may even walk out with a sample bouquet to show to your friends and family – all a part of our personalized service.

So when it is time to order wedding flowers, don’t just price-shop. This day is too important for that. Trust the designers at Walter Knoll Florist to create the perfect florals at the perfect price – don’t worry, we’ll do it together.