Get Excited About 2020’s Wedding Trends

The year 2020 brought us a lot of surprises we couldn’t have predicted. As things begin to settle down, we turn our attention back to the hopes and plans we’d had before the start of the year. If you’ve been waiting to plan your 2020 wedding until now, it may be tough to know where to start. That’s why the wedding experts at Walter Knoll Weddings have created a list of major wedding trends for the latter half of the year. Take a look, decide what seems appealing to you, and remember you can make your wedding as traditional or trendy as you like! We’re here to help you discover some new ideas or inspire some of your own.

Minimalist and Eco-Friendly Floral Designs

From succulents and seed packets of herbs for wedding favors to reused ceremony flowers at the reception, brides and grooms everywhere are opting for more eco-friendly ways to celebrate their nuptials. Besides saving your budget, you can also save a bit of the environment by doing your part and keeping your wedding on the green side. We’re also seeing a lot of less: less flowers, less color, less decor. Couples are choosing shades of white for all of their flowers, then supplementing with fresh greenery everywhere- ferns, eucalyptus, or other dark green foliage for a natural, upscale look.


The on-trend flower of the year is the dahlia, and it’s easy to see why. With frothy petals, tons of flair, and a wide variety of colors- including alabaster white and deep intriguing colors. Representing strength, kindness, and loyalty, these beauties say what you feel and stand out in any bouquet. Their fullness and reliability make them a perfect choice for your bridal bouquet as well as your centerpieces or other larger arrangements.

Flowers in a Dark Color Palette

Bright, unusual colors are taking center-stage this year. From deep golden and mustard yellows to a not-pink, not-purple cassis, colors are big and bold. Even a faded denim hue is becoming wedding-ready, while icy neo-mint and an array of blues will be seen at weddings everywhere. Any combination of these shades, or just the inclusion of one of them, will bring your wedding into modern trendiness fast. Fortunately, these are great fall colors and will wear well through the end of the year.

Edible Flowers

A great way to infuse your wedding day with creative florals is by incorporating edible flowers in your day. These have often been used to adorn wedding cakes, which is a fabulous option, but you can also sprinkle edible flowers on other desserts or even in salads. For a cool party trick that will get everyone talking, try serving ice cubes with edible flowers frozen inside. Guests will love your ingenuity and you’ll love the extra special creative touch.

Floral Installations

Make a statement with over-the-top floral installations like hanging flowers, floral archways, and lush artistic designs like a floral hoop or floral wave. These gorgeous, enormous pieces are structures that add multi-dimensional decor that will enhance your entire day. Place your installation at the ceremony altar, as an archway for guests to walk beneath or as a beautiful structure for photos and to define space.

Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are making a comeback on the wedding scene this year, too! Give your guests dried flowers or potpourri sachets to untie and toss as you run off to marital bliss, or include pressed flowers in your invitation’s design.

Spray-Painted Greens and Blooms

A new trend that’s taking off is that of spray-painting the leafy greens in floral arrangements with neon, frosted pastels, or even metallics to give your bridal bouquet a unique look. Some brides are even having their flowers dip-dyed for a truly innovative look. Experiment with looks you might like and find something to make your wedding decor amazing.

Choosing to replace wedding traditions with interesting, modern trends is a personal decision you and your partner should not make lightly. You may not want to use all of these trends, but just a select few that catch your eye and fit with your other plans. Whatever you decide, be sure to tell our wedding professionals at Walter Knoll Weddings all about it. We want to do everything we can to help you create the perfect wedding day in 2020.