Small Weddings with Big Impact

Usually when people imagine the wedding of their dreams, the images they have include a lot of extravagances. A huge dress, everyone you’ve ever known, a giant four-tier cake, and flowers everywhere tend to be part of the equation. Once you start to actually plan your wedding, however, you may find that keeping things on the smaller side allows you to include more. More details, more personality, and a more unique atmosphere can all be gained when you have a small, quiet wedding with just a few of your closest loved ones. The wedding professionals at Walter Knoll Weddings want to show you why, besides the money you’ll save, you just might consider opting for a small wedding.

floral wedding arch


Fewer People Means More Creativity

With a larger wedding, it’s easy to buy in bulk and choose the simple, straightforward option with all vendors. However, with a small wedding, you can get a little creative in your choices. Even if what you choose costs a bit more, you’ve saved so much money in other areas that you can often splurge on the things you would prefer. Select your favorite flowers, even if they’re not in season, or cost more than the standard rose bouquets. Have a dinner menu that takes guests’ food sensitivities into account. Design a creative seating arrangement for your ceremony and reception, like a spiral chair design on the beach to mimic a shell or one long, picnic-style table for your rustic wedding reception. The options are truly endless once you know you are only accommodating a small number of guests.

Wedding Table Arrangement

Fewer People Means More Personal Touches

Since there will be fewer people in total, you can revel in the details of creating your unique wedding day. Favors for guests, food options, drink choices, and entertainment can be personalized just for them. You can be more creative about the venues of your ceremony and reception. For instance, a quaint museum wedding or small gathering in a nearby park might not be possible with large groups of people. You’ll also find that in lieu of a long, impersonal receiving line, you and your partner will have the chance to actually spend time with each of the guests and enjoy their company. Your wedding day won’t be the blur than many brides describe after the event. Your friends and family will get to enjoy one another as well, leaving everyone feeling much more part of the big day.

Small Wedding

Fewer People Means Less Drama

The drama that many brides experience with their bridesmaids and groomsmen, extraneous relatives, and guests can be avoided when the answer to “Why wasn’t I invited?” is a simple, “We are keeping things very small.” Fewer people also means that rainy weather, a caterer stuck in traffic or the wrong chair delivery is not a reason to panic. The chosen few will understand and be far more accommodating than a crowd of 100+ guests. Plus, whatever rules of etiquette are usually expected to be followed at a traditional, larger wedding can be bent and broken a bit in a smaller, more intimate setting with your closest people. The drama and stress you avoid by having a small wedding will be more valuable than the money you save!

Blue and White Wedding Bouquet

If you and your partner are considering a smaller, more intimate wedding, there are definitely plenty of things to consider. But you just might find that you have a better time, with more memories, when you keep it simple and small. If this is something you’re considering, bring your thoughts and ideas to the wedding professionals at Walter Knoll Weddings. We will love to talk about how to design the perfect intimate wedding you’ll never forget.