How to Design a Beautiful Virtual Wedding

Sometimes the wedding we’ve thought about for years isn’t really possible. We start planning and realize we need to make some adjustments, include or exclude certain aspects of the ceremony and reception to suit the reality of our circumstances. If you and your partner find yourself in this situation, the wedding professionals at Walter Knoll Weddings encourage you to take heart! All hope is not lost. You may need to get a little creative, but your wedding can still be as special and memorable as you’ve always hoped. Here are a few tips we’ve found to make your virtual wedding a momentous occasion despite the circumstances.

Closeup of bridal bouquet with pastel flowers and greenery

Staging a Beautiful Virtual Wedding

One very important element to keep in mind is the way your wedding will look on camera. Practice walking and standing where you plan to be and remove all distractions. Think about having a clean, bright area to record your nuptials. All experts agree that natural lighting is best, so if you’re indoors, choose to be near a large window to provide the best light. You may also think about practicing how to use your preferred platform (Zoom or Facebook Live, for instance) with your technology-challenged guests so they won’t miss out on your special day. Finally, be sure to account for time zones when inviting far-away guests. Stating something like “3pm EST (12pm PST)” on the wedding invitation will be a helpful reminder.

What to Include in a Beautiful Virtual Wedding

Even though you’ll be cutting a few things to do a virtual wedding, there are still plenty of accents and details you’ll want to include. Being dressed up in your wedding gown and his tuxedo or suit are essential. So are flowers. The sense of tradition and symbolism cannot be emphasized enough during such an alternative event. Be sure to display your chosen blooms in view of the camera and carry the bouquet you’ve always dreamed of. A photographer and videographer will be essential in capturing the live version of your ceremony, so be sure they’re you can secure a professional for your special day.

You may consider having everyone who joins you on Zoom or Facebook Live celebrate with a champagne toast once the ceremony is finished. If so, be sure to mention this and any other special needs on your invitation so guests are prepared. Finally, one suggestion that might just suit your needs is to schedule individual face time with guests after the ceremony. You can do this through zoom, Facebook Live or FaceTime, but be sure to have it ready in advance so you can quickly meet with loved ones and share this special moment with them.

What to Exclude from Your Beautiful Virtual Wedding

Keep in mind that there will be a few areas in which you and your partner can save on your budget and still enjoy the day to its fullest. Without live guests, there’s no need for catering or a DJ. You can also do without a large wedding party, or simply include these individuals virtually. Plus, your cake doesn’t need to serve 200 people- let your cake decorator know you only need something for the two of you now. You can still have that cake-cutting moment for your special guests to enjoy, and you can always have an exciting reception or celebration at some point in the future when everyone can come together.

There are so many ways to get creative when hosting a virtual wedding. If your time or circumstances dictate that you cannot have a live wedding with all of your loved ones, consider this possibility as a happy compromise. Then talk to the wedding experts at Walter Knoll Weddings about all the ways to creatively design the perfect virtual wedding that you and your guests will be talking about for years.