Unique Floral Wedding Aisle Markers

Creating the perfect space in which to make your most important promises takes some thought and consideration. On the day you walk down the aisle to say “I Do,” what will be surrounding you? What will set the stage for your entrance? How will you and your partner express your personalities and spirit before you even enter the room? These are great questions to ask yourselves as you plan the decor for your wedding ceremony. The wedding professionals at Walter Knoll Weddings are here to walk with you through the entire decision-making process. We have some great ideas to get you started, plus we’ll be happy to talk with you about your ideas as we help you bring them to life. Take a look at some of your wedding aisle options.

Traditional Bouquets

For the traditionalists, floral bouquets lining the center aisle are a must. How you achieve this look is completely up to you, however. Some brides choose to hang a bouquet ball on the ends of the pew or rows of chairs, while others tie a lovely sprig of blooms that resembles the bride’s bouquet to the ends of the rows. You could even choose a hanging installation of bouquets that drop from the ceiling along the aisle. Usually these traditional bouquets are similar in style, color and variety to the bride’s bouquet and those of the bridal party.

Scattered Petals or Leaves

Sometimes an aisle lined with dropped petals along the edges or the entire path creates a visual display that’s hard to match. If your color palette is an essential element to your overall wedding day look, consider incorporating those specific colors in your aisle by overdoing the walkway with an abundance of flower petals in your colors. For a more natural look, scatter the leaves or foliage that go with your bouquet or overall look. For a beach wedding, spread palm fronds. For an outdoor mountain wedding, gorgeous stalks of pampas grass or oak branches can be used. A holiday church wedding can be accented with long strands of evergreen garland along the aisles to accent the festivities. Be creative but be consistent with your decor so your guests can revel in the beauty of your special day.

Potted Plants

Whether they’re in boxes, baskets, urns or vases, beautiful potted plants lining your wedding aisle create a particular essence while still being incredibly practical. Use wooden crates or lanterns for a rustic look, or have arrangements of colorful blooms in stately urns for a more formal design. Whatever you choose, your containers can be transferred to the reception for use as centerpieces, buffet tables or other decor, giving you more bang for your buck. This also lends a sense of continuity between your wedding ceremony and reception that will delight guests.

Succulents and Cacti

These unassuming little plants are making a big splash these days. Succulents are wildly popular at the moment and can create a laid-back but modern look. Group in asymmetric clusters of varying heights along the aisle for a bohemian vibe, or arrange neatly in geometric patterns for a chic, modern twist. Choose to decorate with lots of small succulents then give them to guests as favors at the end of your big event!

Candles, Rugs, and other Items

Of course, you don’t have to use flowers and only flowers to decorate your wedding ceremony. Lining the wedding aisle (especially in outdoor weddings) with persian rugs of varying styles, shapes and colors is a natural and bohemian look that will dazzle in photos. Candles, in all shapes and sizes, left alone or within gorgeous containers, can give shape and structure to your wedding aisle. Perhaps you have a special item that is meaningful to you and your partner, like baseball, travel, or reading. Line the aisles with a token that reflects your specific connection to include it in your big day together.

Any of these ideas can be combined to create the special, unique effect you’re looking for. Bring your favorite ideas to the wedding experts at Walter Knoll Weddings so we can help you develop your plan for a gorgeous wedding ceremony. We know you want everything perfect when you recite your vows, and we’re here to help you create a scene you’ll love to remember for years to come.