You’re Engaged! Here’s How to Celebrate

He finally asked and you just said yes! Now what? This is a fantastic time to celebrate the new step you and your partner are taking. Whether you’re the kind of person who loves to go big, or you’d prefer to keep things quiet and simple, your excitement and joy should be celebrated. The wedding professionals at Walter Knoll Weddings have a few suggestions about the best ways to celebrate your new engagement. Love a huge party? We’ve got you covered. Want to keep things quiet and intimate? We have a few special suggestions. Take a look and plan the best way to share your big news.

Big ‘n Splashy

For the couple that wants to celebrate in a big way, it’s completely appropriate to host a fabulous party to announce your engagement. An elite, swanky black tie affair takes the excitement to new levels. Include a full buffet, fresh classic roses on every table and a champagne toast to round out the evening with everyone you know. For a lighter feel, think about a cocktail party, complete with trendy greenery like succulents and ferns, stylish mixed drinks and funky appetizers. If already a bit budget-conscious, a backyard barbeque featuring strings of lights in the trees, daisies and sunflowers on the picnic tables and coolers full of beer can bring everyone together for an evening of fun celebration.

Small & Quaint

Maybe a giant get-together isn’t really your thing, but you still want to share all the warm fuzzies with your closest loved ones. Think about bringing your parents, siblings and closest friends together for a quiet dinner out or an in-house game night. Give the key players in your big day a chance to meet and get to know each other a bit before delving into wedding planning. To really enjoy the excitement together, the proposer should organize a small event to occur immediately after the proposal itself. Treat it like a surprise party for the one proposed to, and watch her light up as she walks into the room full of her favorite people!

Just the Two of You

To keep the warm glow of engagement between you just a little longer, consider a celebratory weekend getaway. Take a trip to a meaningful location (like the spot where you first met or had your first date) or make a new memory in an unfamiliar spot with your partner. Either way, you’ll carve out time to indulge in one another before the world crashes in with wedding plans, budgets and decisions. Even if a full weekend away can’t happen, a special dinner out before all the planning starts is a great way to revel in your new roles as each other’s intended for a little while longer. Include her favorite flowers at the dinner table or in the bed and breakfast to make the moment even more special.

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate this new step in your relationship, the excitement and joy you’re feeling is real and should be given its due. Bring together everyone you’ve ever met, or just the ones you’re closest to, or simply take some time to revel in your happiness together, just the two of you. For more ideas about celebrating your engagement your way, or when you’re ready to get to work planning the big day, talk to the wedding experts at Walter Knoll Weddings. We’re here to help you make the most of every moment as you plan the wedding of your dreams.