A Simple Guide for Selecting Your Bridal Bouquet Flowers

You’ve picked out your dress, you’ve reserved the venue and chosen the music, now, you need to figure out your bridal bouquet. Of course, a florist can assist you in the size, shape, and design of the bouquet, but you should have a say in which flowers you want included in your bridal bouquet. After all, the bouquet is your most important accessory and will be there with you from the beginning of the ceremony until the end of the reception. You want your bouquet to be a reflection of who you are, your likes, and your taste. How do you do that you might be wondering? Well, the floral and wedding experts here at Walter Knoll Florist can help you with that. 

The first step is to figure out what’s most important to you flowers that will be in your bouquet. For example, do you have a favorite flower you always wanted to have in your bouquet? Perhaps you don’t know that much about flowers and just want the most popular or traditional blooms which are used. Are you set on a favorite color you want showcased in your bouquet flowers or a color that will coordinate with the rest of the wedding decor? Or perhaps you want to focus on flowers that are symbolic of love and marriage to be in your bouquet. Once you’ve figured out the answers to the above questions, you are well on your way. Keep reading below for even more guidance on picking the perfect flowers for your wedding bouquet.     

Bridal bouquet with roses and peonies

Here’s How to Choose Which Flowers to Include in Your Bridal Bouquet

Here are the three categories to focus on when determining which flowers you want to in your bouquet.

1. Traditional / Most Popular Wedding Flowers 

There are several flowers that end up being featured in bridal bouquets time after time. “Why?” you may wonder? It’s simple: these blooms are spectacular. From shape to color to fragrance and tradition, the most popular bridal bouquet flowers are:

Roses –  Pretty obvious, right? Roses are very, very popular in wedding arrangements and wedding bouquets. They are not only extremely beautiful and fragrant, but they are available year-round and come in nearly every color. The versatility and popularity of the rose are why it’s a flower that is found at nearly every wedding.  

Tulips – The tulip has a unique, cup-shaped blossom that comes in strikingly bold colors. This is a flower that exudes grace, passion, and old-world charm.

Calla Lilies – Elegant, beautifully unique, and refined, Calla lilies make a statement.  

Lily of the Valley – There’s a lot of charm in these delicate tiny white blooms. Classic and timeless, Lily of the Valley is used a lot in the weddings of British royalty. 

Hydrangeas – Lush, full, and pretty, hydrangeas come in a variety of soft, romantic hues.

Peony – A grand, bulbous bloom full of fluffy petals, the peony comes in lovely shades of pink, cream, red, white, and yellow. This is a statement flower. 

Ranunculus – A circular bloom filled with numerous paper-thin petals, the ranunculus is a popular flower due to its texture, intricateness, and, dazzling design. 

Bridal bouquet in hues of peach


2. Flowers in a Single Color

A bridal bouquet containing flowers of similar color is a more modern development but an exciting and stunning one. Monochromatic bouquets are great for creating a delightful pop of color and focal point that contrasts with the bride’s dress. Creating a monochromatic bouquet can easily be done by having one flower type all in the same color, or a mix of flower types in shades of the same color.  

Bridal bouquet with roses, dahlias, and lily of the valley


3. Flowers With Symbolic Significance

If you love the language of flowers and appreciate the rich cultural symbolism they have developed, then you may want to include flowers that symbolize good luck in marriage, love, and happiness.  Most flowers do carry some and you’ll have no trouble finding some great options to choose from, such as the ones listed below with their symbolic meaning.

Rose – Symbolizes Love, Desire, Joy, and Passion

Peony – Symbolizes Romance, Loving Marriage, and Good Fortune

Baby’s Breath – Symbolizes Long-Lasting Love and Unity

Sunflower – Symbolizes Health, Happiness, Loyalty, and Longevity

Dahlia – Symbolizes Everlasting Bond, Desire, and Elegance

Lilac – Symbolizes First Love and Peace

Ranunculus – Symbolizes Attraction and Charm

Daisy – Symbolizes Motherhood and Friendship

Tulip – Symbolizes True Love

Lily of the ValleySymbolizes Purity, Innocence, Motherhood, and Sweetness

Orchid – Symbolizes Love, Beauty, and Perfection

Stephanotis – Symbolizes Happy Marriage and Happy Travels

Bridal bouquet of purple Calla lilies

Once you’ve decided the direction you want to go in with your bridal bouquet, either traditional, monochromatic, symbolic, or a combination of these, then your florist can design the bouquet which best represents your personality and tastes.