New & Old Etiquette Rules for Wedding Guests

Being a gracious wedding guest implies following certain etiquette rules. You may think you know them all, but there may be a few new ones you aren’t aware of, yet. Here at Walter Knoll Florist – Wedding & Events, we’ll make sure you exhibit perfect guest behavior by sharing with you all the current wedding etiquette rules guests should abide by.

wedding invitation with RSVP

RSVP by the ask date

There are a lot of planning decisions that are made based on the number of attendees, so the sooner you RSVP, the better. This gives wedding planners and brides-to-be an accurate headcount for important details leading up to the big day. Also, follow the invitation by only reserving for the number of guests allowed on the invite. If the words, “and guest” are included, then you can add a plus one. If not, you cannot add one nor should you request to do so.

Arrive early

You can show up at the wedding ceremony as early as 30 minutes before it starts which gives you plenty of time to mingle and find your seat. If you are late, you run the risk of interrupting the wedding party as the bride walks down the aisle – which would be awkward and rude. If a late arrival was unavoidable, wait outside until the bride has finished walking down the aisle and then sneak in quietly to the back to enjoy the rest of the ceremony.

Do not take pictures with your phone

Holding up your phone to take pictures at a wedding, no matter how casual, is a major faux pas. It not only is disruptive, but the hired photographer won’t appreciate it and it’s not something anyone wants to see in their wedding photos.

Do not post photos on social media

The bride has spent months getting every little detail down to create the look and feel of her big day. She is the one who gets to share images first, no one else. Posting photos of the bride, venue, or guests is a definite no-no until the bride OKs it. Just keep your phone in your pocket or purse and only check it occasionally for important messages.

People Cling Wine Glasses on Wedding Reception at table

Sit in your assigned seat

Don’t ignore your seat placement, switch with someone else, or ask for it to be changed. A lot of methodical and thoughtful planning goes into a wedding seating chart. When you find your table and seat, graciously introduce yourself to the other guests and make conversation with them.

Give the bride & groom some space

It may be your bestie who is getting married and you’re going to want to spend as much time with them as possible, but don’t hog their time. The bride and groom have an obligation to visit with all guests which could take some time. Just let them know how great they look, chat for a few minutes, and wish them a great time so they can make their way around the room.

Drink and act responsibly

The only one who should be the talk of the wedding is the bride. Don’t embarrass you or the guests of honor by being drunk, dramatic, or behaving badly. It also should be stated that now is also not the time to show off your dancing or singing skills. All attention should be on the bride and guests should not do anything to call attention to themselves or detract attention from the bride.

Wedding Guest Book

Don’t forget to sign the guest book

This formality will help the bride and groom remember everyone at their wedding and enjoy long after the ceremony has ended.

With the above etiquette rules, you and the guests of honor will enjoy a lovely and celebratory occasion without any social gaffes! For all your wedding and special event floral needs, visit Walter Knoll Florist!