2022 Wedding Trends – What’s In, What’s Out, & What’s Hot

After two years of postponed weddings, micro weddings, and zoom weddings, experts predict 2022 to be the year where weddings not only come back strong but also begin to approach pre-pandemic normalcy. According to industry projections, an estimated 2.5 million weddings will be held in 2022. This number is more than twice the number of weddings held in 2020 and significantly more than the 2.1 million weddings held each year before the pandemic. 

There’s no doubt COVID has impacted the wedding industry in more ways than one. While some trends from the past few years remain, such as smaller guest lists and more intimate events, 2022 is ready to put the pandemic in the past and celebrate anew. The experts here at Walter Knoll Florist – Weddings and Events have done the research and present to you now the hottest wedding trends of 2022.  

What Weddings in 2022 Will Look Like


Curated Guest Lists

Small guest lists are a holdover from pandemic weddings, and many couples prefer to invite just close friends and relatives. Only 17% of couples, down from 50% in 2019, want 100 or more guests at their wedding. The typical size of the guestlist for many 2022 weddings ranges between 35-70 people.


Romantic path to wedding banquet in beautiful green garden

Nature-Inspired Weddings

Being stuck at home for long periods forced many of us outdoors, where we found ourselves reconnecting with Mother Nature. Inspired by nature’s beauty and health-boosting benefits, couples are opting to include natural elements in their wedding. Whether with a gorgeous garden wedding, an outdoor venue with lush landscaping and a great view, or bringing the outside in via numerous plants and flowers, nature is a big part of 2022 weddings. 



Quality over Quantity

Couples are focusing more on providing intimate, personal, and one-of-a-kind experiences instead of a large bash with many people. A smaller guest list allows couples to provide a more meaningful and intimate celebration with those who mean the most to them and focus on quality, personal touches such as more flowers, specialty menus, and unique entertainment. 


Closeup of white wedding cake with flowers on top. cake on the cake-shelf. white milk cream. cake decorated with pink and purple flowers

Artful Cakes

Donut walls and cupcake stations are a thing of the past. Instead, you’ll see plenty of marvelous 3-tiered wedding cakes, lavish gravity-defying cakes, and nature-inspired cakes decorated with florals. Wedding cakes this year will be anything but boring, looking instead like statement pieces. 


Romantic outdoor wedding in the old greenhouse- white tablecloth, empty glasses, white table setting, wild fresh flowers

Weekday Weddings

With the cancellation and postponement of 2020 and 2021 weddings, 2022 will see a considerable wedding boom. Prime days such as Saturdays and Sundays are mostly already booked, leading couples to look to weekday options. Weddings held during the week have benefits, such as lower venue costs and the opportunity to turn your event into a multi-day experience for your guests – a trend also growing in popularity. 


Wedding on the beach. Beautiful wedding arch, decorated with flowers

Color Is Back

After years of muted tones being the norm, bright color schemes are making a comeback. From earth tones to monochromatic palettes or unexpected pops of color, vibrant and bold hues will be a part of 2022 wedding design. 


Wedding. Banquet. Mr. and Mrs. signs on wooden board decorated by flowers and greenery and lounge zone including chairs and tables.

Statement Details

The desire to create a more personal wedding experience shows up in statement details such as vintage items, comfortable seating, and gorgeous floral installations. Thoughtful touches in the form of unexpected details to enhance the guest’s experience will stand out in 2022. 


Festive wedding table setting with flowers, napkins, cutlery, glasses and candles, bright summer table decor.

Naturally Styled Fresh Flowers

A trend many florists are seeing is beautiful, loosely-styled flowers on tables. Other floral trends are gorgeous hanging arrangements suspended over a head table and floral wall installations to provide a stunning photo backdrop and focal point. There is also a rise in couples using locally-sourced flowers and plants that guests can take home to repot or replant for continued enjoyment long after the reception is over. 


Handsome groom kissing blonde beautiful bride in magical fairy tale carriage in sunlit park

Bridgerton Inspiration

The style and decor of the super popular Netflix series, Bridgerton, have made their way into current wedding trends. From venues such as historic architectural structures to grand ballrooms adorned with lavish fresh blooms, the Regency-era wedding theme for those who want to indulge their inner princess is just right.

It’s clear the trend for weddings in 2022 and beyond includes lots of natural elements, personal touches, and an experience to remember. For all your wedding and event floral needs, Walter Knoll Florist is here to help.