Expert Advice for Choosing Meaningful Flowers for Your Events

Planning a significant event or celebration always stems from honoring an individual in a special way or commemorating an important moment that deserves a big to do! Here at Walter Knoll Florist Weddings & Events, we know there is no better way to make these moments truly remarkable and stunning than with flowers. As each event has a unique purpose, the blooms and floral designs used as decor and given as gifts should also be unique and reflect the event’s meaning. Take a look below to find out exactly which flowers are the most appropriate for each type of big celebration.

Luxury decorated with flowers roses and orchids celebration hall in palace

Sophisticated Stems for Any Corporate Event

Most corporate events tend to display flowers that are considered timeless and sophisticated such as roses, tulips, orchids, hydrangeas, delphinium, gladioli, and dahlias. For events that fall during the holiday season, holly is another festive and classic addition to your decor. Nature and flowers help to promote productivity during large meetings, enhance happiness during luncheons, and inspire in the most luxurious and elegant ways during corporate evening events. Incorporating blooms that mirror a brand, the launch of a new product, or the theme of a gala or fundraiser, or commemorate other ceremonies and special celebrations can open a door to endless possibilities.

Sunflower and daisy centerpiece

Symbolic Blooms for Retirement Parties

Retirement parties are a celebration that is twofold. On one side, it is a celebration of the outstanding achievements, milestones, and impact a person has had throughout their career. On the other side, it is a beautiful and symbolic start to the next chapter of their life. Yellow blooms, especially calla lilies, daffodils, chrysanthemums, and daisies, represent friendship, positive energy, happiness, and new beginnings. Pink and purple hydrangeas are also fabulous flowers that signify appreciation and achievement.

Colorful monochromatic floral arrangements with butterflies for special event

Brilliant Flowers for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

The theme of Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations often reflects the individual, including their favorite hobbies, interests, and personality. While classic roses represent tradition, making them a lovely go-to flower for any Mitzvah or religious event, they also bloom in a wide variety of colors and types. This opens up the door to endless creativity and the opportunity to select the perfect shape and hue to match their unique personality, style, and identity as they enter adulthood. Other appropriate flowers for Mitzvahs are delphinium, representing growth and change, lilacs, as they symbolize a transition from innocence to wisdom, and daisies, which connect us to youth.

Floral table centerpiece with red, pink and orange Gerbera Daisy's, peach - yellow roses, filler flowers on an indigo tablecloth with purple glass bottle, lit candles in dark turquoise holders.

Popular Stems for Celebrating a Divorce & New Beginnings

When a friend or family member is going through a divorce, there is sure to be an array of emotions they are sifting through, no matter the circumstances. For those looking forward to their new beginning or newfound freedom, or for those needing a pick-me-up or “celebration” to ignite some joy, flowers are undeniably perfect. Whether pink, peach, orange, yellow or white, roses can signify friendship, gratitude, sympathy, joy, truth, virtue, grace, pride, appreciation, thankfulness, energy, and forgive and forget.

Other appropriate blooms that one might select during a divorce are lilies, anemones, and apple blossoms, representing strength, luck, rebirth, truth, sincerity, parting, transition, and “better things to come.” Finally, perhaps some of the most symbolic blooms for a divorce are yarrow, which is often seen as dispelling melancholy, curing heartache, and healing wounds, white tulips, which represent lost love and forgiveness, snapdragons, representing strength, and bachelor’s button, meaning a blessedness for being single.

Baby blue and pastel pink flowers and decor for elegant gender reveal event

Colorful Flowers to Commemorate a Gender Reveal

Gender reveal parties have swept the nation over the last few years while expecting parents and excited family and friends wait in anticipation for another clue about their new family member. Of course, gender reveal celebrations burst with blue flowers, like orchids, hydrangeas, and morning glories, and pink flowers, like peonies, carnations, roses, and alstroemeria. But did you know that blue roses are a symbol of a “secret” while many pink blooms symbolize the brilliant love and gentleness this baby can expect to receive? This gives the clear blue and pink hues more wonderful meaning and sentimental value.

A bouquet of yellow tulips, white flowers with leaves decorates a served wooden table with a white tablecloth. On the table are lemons, plates, glasses. Stylish living room decor in Scandinavian style

Fresh Botanicals to Bring to a Housewarming Party

Moving into a new house can sometimes feel awkward and not yet warm, fuzzy, and, well, homey. Oftentimes, when people are hosting a housewarming party, their kitchen is full of delicious comfort food, their living room is full of laughing loved ones, and the other rooms in the home are probably still full of boxes. Housewarming parties should also be filled with uplifting, refreshing, and meaningful flowers to energize and brighten the new house. When planning a housewarming party, look to green flowers that symbolize a fresh start and abundance and yellow flowers, which signify friendships, joy, happiness, and sunshine. Sunflowers and tulips, especially yellow tulips, are sure to bring lasting happiness, positivity, longevity, growth, and warmth!

Beautiful and romantic red roses in silver dish for event centerpiece

The Best Blooms for Your Next Anniversary

The best anniversary flowers are ones that not only represent love, such as roses, carnations, and red blooms in general but also ones that represent your identity as a couple. For instance, daisies may hold a significant meaning for you and your partner, or maybe orchids are their favorite flower. If you find yourself planning a large anniversary party for someone, like your parents, grandparents, sibling, or friend, do your homework and learn about the flowers that represent the year in question. Some of the big ones are carnations for a first anniversary, daisies for a fifth anniversary, daffodils for a ten year anniversary, iris for a 25th anniversary, and the list goes on and on.

Whether it’s the color of the petals or the bloom itself, flowers can speak the loudest words and carry some of the most significant symbolism. With an infinite number of celebrations and reasons to hold events, you can always find a flower with graceful meaning that fits the theme. If this sounds like a lot of time-consuming research, then you have come to the right place. When you talk to the professionals and designers here at Walter Knoll Florist Weddings & Events, we will certainly point you in the right direction to create an event that is not only symbolic and thoughtful but truly show-stopping and so beautiful that guests will be talking about it for years to come.