Planning a Bridal Shower? Use Flowers!

UntitledThe whirlwind leading up to your wedding is probably making your head swim, but one of the events where you can truly relax and laugh with friends is your bridal shower. You might see an intimate gathering with your closest friends or a party with everyone you know.

Whether the bridal shower is a trendy garden party with a little bit of Bohemia or a sunny afternoon by the pool with the girlfriends, adding flowers to the occasion is an easy way to make everything beautiful.

Easy Elegance with Boho Chic

No matter the size of the celebration, the flowers you choose will make any gathering beautiful, and they’re a terrific way to enhance the theme you choose for the event. Perhaps the bride loves nature and is always trying to get you to try her organic meals and treats. A bridal shower is a wonderful time to bring a love of nature to life.

One of the most popular trends in weddings today is the Bohemian look, which just begs for garlands of flowers and bouquets everywhere you look. What flowers might you choose for a beautiful outdoor gathering? Well, one of the features of the Boho chic looks that it’s just a little wild with a touch of elegance, which makes flowers in the hair a must.

So, perhaps you’ll create some beautiful garlands of just-opened roses surrounded by the occasional daisy and sprigs of baby’s breath. There’s something very ethereal yet stylish about these arrangements, and you can even add little jewels and pieces of jewelry that feel a little Edwardian or Victorian in their appeal.

Planning the Bridal Shower

A bridal shower is an important occasion for the bride and her best friends, and many bridal showers feature little silly yet amusing games and party favors. There isn’t a lot of pomp and circumstance attached to the bridal shower as there might be with the actual wedding ceremony, but there are still a few rules to observe.

Bridal showers are a special way for a bride’s best friend and confidant to show her love and appreciation for the friendship. However, planning for the event doesn’t need to be stressful as long as the arrangements are handled a few months in advance.

For example, it’s usually best to hold the bridal shower about one to three months before the wedding. That means calling the flower shop about a month before the shower is slated to occur. You can also bring your ideas for the flowers to the shop, and your florist can give you some great suggestions!